Friday, March 28, 2008

What's this for?

Hey everyone! I figured out what this big ole thing is for...

See what I can do with it?

It feels funny!

Hi there!

Oh, my big ole noggin'!!!

Here's another new fav...I'm a book worm. So what if I like to look at them, throw them, wear them on my head, etc? They are my books and mommy and daddy are just happy that I play with books at all!

PS My doctor called mommy today and told her that my thyroid and other stuff are all fine so I'm good to go until I turn 2! Isn't God good? He's the bestest!

Also, mommy wanted me to assure everyone that this blog will continue with our frequent (and sometimes not so frequent) updates for as long as we have things to update, which, in this house seems like there's no concerns of stuff to share ending any time soon-I mean a skunk, seriously??? Can you believe it?

Mommy's weight loss blog is a "personal girl stuff" blog and if you want to read her crazy thoughts, she just needs your email address (the one you use for your google ID or it won't work) to get you started into her crazy mind. Have a fun on year head weekend!