Thursday, March 20, 2008

Poor baby!

I forgot to post this picture of Owen from the other day: this is how my poor baby woke up-one eye all matted shut-so sad:-(

Then instead of a happy 1st day of Spring enjoying the nicer sunny (but still pretty cold) weather, my poor baby gets his 1st ever outdoor boo-boo and it was a doozey!

Trust me, it looks WAY worse than the picture shows and it sounded even worse than he looks. The poor little guy was just toddling around the driveway and lost his balance and WHAMOO! His little head smacked the pavement and we (Tim and I) felt like we could feel the vibration of the conk! I could've cried for him! But he cried enough for all of us and has two scratches on his forehead (it started as a million tiny red dots and is now very pink and slightly bruised) and one scratch on his little nose.

On a lighter note, here's the brilliant boy (post head-injury) riding his zebra for all he's worth shaking his head and squinting his little cute eyes...the cutest part is how every now and then he will open them a little to see if we are still watching him-and we of course always are because he is just so darn cute!!!

Lastly, here we are still post head-injury: Owen is learning to sign since he isn't saying words (for those naysayers, no learning to sign DOES NOT DELAY speech, it enhances it!) and he of course can do bye-bye and knows "all-done" though he rarely uses it (he just chucks his unwanted food or sippy cup to the way-side, much to my dismay). He has also learned Thank you and we thought after about 4 months of effort we were getting nowhere but here he is signing his newest sign "more" and he learned it in just one day! My baby Einstein!!!

A couple more things: Lots of my family will be in town this weekend for Easter so if you think of us, please pray for their safe travels and that we all get along and enjoy each other (when all together nder one roof there are 18 of us strong-7 kids 9 years to 16 months and 11 "adults"!!!)

Also Owen's evaluation with the Endocrinologist is coming up Tuesday. TJ will be at school and then head to a friend's house and Jake will go to his fav bud Alex's house (thanks Amy) so me and Owen can do our thing:-) I'm very anxious for it as it could tell us lots about Owen or the usual NOTHING new:-)

I'm sure I will post pictures from Easter before the appointment but in the meantime, I pray you all have a blessed Easter!

PS The neighbor kid told TJ that the sheriff reported the bone was human so I told TJ to have him march his little hiney over to our house and tell me more-but he was just messin' with us and apparently they are saying it was just a deer bone. I don't think we'll ever REALLY know:-) Sorry to disappoint!


Kim said...

First-totally bummed about the bone story-thought you would get onto one of those true life mystery shows...oh well.
Second, poor little Owen and his head injury-he looked so sad it was cute.
I personally liked your line about Owen chucking his unwanted food-hilarious because this is my problem-well not mine per se, I put my food in the trash, but Preston's.
Have a blessed Easter too! I am excited since I think Preston finally gets it this year!

Rebecca :-) said...

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Best wishes, Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was wanting to teach Aiden to sign as well... we will have to comepare notes on how I get started. I like the idea! Michelle

Anonymous said...

I cant spell compare:)

Tonya said...

Owen!! Your boo-boo looks like it hurts!! Kisses!!

Good job with learning to sign!! Knoah is signing some, because he too isn't speaking yet. Just grunts like a cave man.

Kepp it up buddy!!

Jennifer said...

Owey Owey!(That's supposed to be an owee Owey...get it?) Sorry, it's waaay past my bedtime. Poor baby. I hope his head is better.

Jennifer said...

PS. Anxious to hear the endocrinologist story.