Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My List

So over at one of my fav blogs to read, Confessions of a CF Husband one of their readers (this is how I think it got started) posted a list of things she loves about being a mom, more specifically the things she is excited about Nate's wife Tricia (who he calls Gwyneth's mom-come on follow me here:-) being able to love about being a mom very soon...anyway, if you've followed the blog, you know what I mean, if you haven't, you are missing out:-)

I have had a lot of instances lately where being a mom wasn't very fun but through the sovereignty (I think that's a word) of God, I have been able to look on the positive side of the situation...many of the blogs I follow such as Tricia, Candi, Amy, Claire, Boothe, Beth, etc (and sadly the list goes on and on) all of whom simply wish they could have a baby in their arms who wouldn't stop fussing or who would wake them at 3am because of a fever, cough or whatever...perspective.

I am trying very hard to take the moments that frustrate me and turn them into moments that I'm blessed enough to be in the midst of.

So, here's my list of things I pray Tricia can be in the midst of very soon too...some are sweet moments, some are mommy moments-but all are precious moments I am blessed to experience.

1) Having your snotty nose, stinky diaper baby looking up at you, fussing while you are trying to blog.

2) Said baby putting their precious head on your shoulder after you've picked them up to cuddle and to feel their sweet head on your shoulder touching your face, and feel their congested breathing against your chest.

3) Hearing the precious sounds of your new name (ma-ma) being called from their crib or other room.

4) Hearing your husband call you by your new name-Ma-ma.

5) Wiping a snotty nose for the gazzillionth time in an hour and half since your precious little one has been up.

6) cooking a gourmet meal only to hear "I wanted hot dogs and mac-n-cheese"

7) Anticipating the days when they call you to ask you how to boil water or ask you for a favor.

8) Having a sippy cup whack you in the back of the head while driving down the road

9) Being at Walmart and having to leave your groceries and drag out your tantrum laden toddler kicking and screaming as if you are a kid-napper.

10) Naptime and bedtime;-) Enough said...

...no seriously watching them sleep and hearing them breathe-or seeing their little hiney's in the air as they are all curled up with their little cheek against the mattress and drool stained sheets:-)

and I couldn't stop at 10-

because HUGS, sloppy wet, open mouth kisses, boo-boo kisses, security searching during storms, cooking together, midnight at the ER, the inability to complete the smallest task due to interruptions, the smell of their little head after bathtime, the smell of their neck after repetitive spit-up, endless searching for binkies, wishing for a moment of silence and wishing they would always be little and knowing neither will happen, piles of their stained laundry, first steps, waves bye-bye, and so many other wonderful mommy moments just wouldn't fit.

Give your wee-ones a tight hug and send up prayers for those who WAIT for these moments to become theirs to cherish.

Please consider making your own list in my comments section or posting one on your blog and leaving me a comment letting me know you did and then let Nate know so he can read them to Tricia:-) I look forward to your lists!


The Goodman's said...


I have been following Tricia, Gwyneth and Nate from the link on your blog. They have an amazing story and I love to find out each day where they are and how they are doing.

I have enjoyed reading many of these Mom's write what they take for granted and Love, but don't Love about their kids.

As an expecting mother and only at 16 weeks, I am looking forward to feeling my baby move and kick and by all means join us in this world so I can hold him/her, experience nursing, and so so much more.

Thanks for making us aware of this amazing couple via your blog.


MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Kim said...

That was beautiful! I can totally relate to the snotty noses. I swear I did not think it was possible for that much mucous to be produced in a wee little one. My favorite thing despite all the trials of being a mom, is when he just reaches up for my hand to hold. The best!

Candi said...

Thank you Renay! You are an angel!

Katie said...

I posted my top 10 reasons!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! this made ne cry! I never knew that I could feel like this until AIden!! Thanks Renay!