Sunday, March 30, 2008

10 Random Facts

My dear friend Emily posted this (and I didn't say it's bad etiquette not to comment, I said I read somewhere that blog etiquette states you should always comment when you read a post:-) and I took her up and thought I'd join the fun so here's goes nothin':

1) I was born in West Germany, which of course is now all one country. My birthplace was Nuremberg. My father was in the military so I lived there all of 6 weeks before being cleared to fly after being around a month overdue (sorry mom:-).

2) On the note of my birth, because I was born in Germany is why my name is spelled R-E-N-A-Y and not Renee...I was named after my father, as Renay is the feminine form of Ronald (or so I remember being told by my parents-watch one of them actually read this post and comment on it that I'm wrong, oh well-whatever to elicit a comment). The staff said that RENAY is how you spell Renay-phonetic, eh?

3) I've been hit by a semi. Ok, so- that's sounds dramatic, but trust me, it was. I was driving down good ole 231 to help a teacher during the summer of 92 before my senior year and WHAM! A semi hit me in my newly painted Chevy Caviler with a full tank of gas.

I was not properly restrained (aka I wasn't wearing my seat belt) and was thrown across the vehicle and my head hit the windshield and then I was swung back into the drivers seat and my knee hit the steering wheel and was dislocated. This after already having scope surgery to tighten an already easy to dislocate knee. I needed surgery to correct all the damage. I later won a whole $3K in litigation against the idiot driver who totalled my car and practically maimed me;-)

4) I am addicted to Diet Pepsi, as I recently confessed on my other blog (an non-public blog that you can request access to), I would install a fountain soda machine in my home if 1) it weren't weird, and 2) it wasn't so expensive.

5) I love webkinz which are super cute "beanie baby" like stuffed animals with a code for internet access to play games and take care of them like they are virtual pets. My older boys have these and they are just a fun way to bond with them:-)

6) I have a son from my first marriage named TJ

7) I graduated 11th in my high school class, and no there weren't 12 people in my class, their were 130ish

8) I went to Purdue University and fell in "love" with a basketball player. He didn't know I existed but I stalked him and made signs to cheer him on at his games and even had another Athlete that was in my nursing classes with me try to hook us up. It obviously didn't pan out but it's probably for the better as He was like a foot and a half taller than me and he now makes millions playing professional ball-and I wouldn't want millions as life would just be too easy:-)

9) I like country music but we now have an awesome Christian station available here called KLOVE and I now prefer it to my country station. My playlist has some of my favs:-) Hopefully it doesn't annoy you too much or keep you from checking my blog:-)

10) I once went on a 17 state, 7 day road trip across the nation with Tim in a rental car that offered us unlimited mileage-we believe they discontinued that program after we turned in the car with over 5K miles on it;-) We visited fun places like Mt. Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, Vegas, the Rockies at sunrise, and the Alamo:-)

I wish it were more random facts but I must follow the rules so I'll stop at 10:-)

Now that you now 10 random facts about me your instructions are as follows: list 10 random facts about you on your blog and leave a comment here saying you did so or leave your 10 random facts in a comment here if you don't have a blog. Ok, peeps-don't let me down! You can do it!


amy said...

What are you talking about in #6? Did you just put that in there to get people to comment?! Sounds like we were both nerds in school, which I'm having trouble understanding since YOU DON'T LIKE TO READ! :-)

I enjoyed reading the 9 random facts and 1 lie. I absolutely love KLOVE. Hardly any breaks in the music, love it.

Jennifer said...

OK Renay. Here goes. Leave it to the old lady to jump on the band wagon first.
1. Someday I want to go to Hawaii.
2. I love my family more than anything.
3. I graduated from nursing school at age 42.
4. I love clothes.
5. I miss my dad.I miss my brother-in-law.
6. I truly never believed I could love someone as much as I love my children and I am so amazed at how much I love my grandchildren. Who knew?
7. I'm very proud that I graduated #1 in my nursing school class because I was afraid to go and afraid I couldn't do it.
8. I love my job.
9. Sometimes I feel like a big failure at my job.
10. I really like my gray hair.

The Valiant Family Updates said...

Jennifer, you are such a closet blogger-just do it-jump in! You know you want to use those bullet points-you could name your blog after bullet points. That's awesome that you graduated 1st!!! What is your job? Isn't the internet truly the best thing ever besides God and family-I think it's even better than bullet points! Thanks for being my 1st to leave a list! :-) Hugs!

April said...

Well soon as I figure out how to start this thing I will post some of my own! :)

Candi said...

I did it!!

Emily said...

You know I already did it. I took your post seriously about the blog etiquette...even though I got the details wrong. I had hoped it would threaten more people into doing it. So far, I think three have...and I have learned cool things about all three people.

I'm with Amy on #6???????

Anyway, good job. Thanks for playing the game.


Tonya said...

Love them!! The spelling of your name I was curious about and now I know! The 17 state road trip sounded like a blast!! Bet you got some great pictures!!!

I'll do mine later!

Christine Bolton said...

Add me to your ww blog. I'm going to need the motivation after I have this baby!

Jennifer said...

Psychiatric nurse. Currently working in Utilization Management at Community Mental Health. I work as the State Hospital Liaison, monitor the Not Guilty by Insanity population and monitor a Medicaid Waiver program for the Developmentally Disabled. I have other various and assorted duties also. Busy all the time and I love my job.

Kirsten said...

I did it! You all inspired me. Those were great facts. Now we just need to take some time to really chat in person. Sometimes I'm amazed at the people I haven't had a chance to really sit down and get to know yet.

How Life Is Measured said...

Renay -
I will also do my in a few days...
On the note about my mother being a psychiatric nurse. It's great until you have to constantly gather around the family dinner table to "talk" out your problems. Like the time I had a bad hair day and we had a family meeting about how it effected everyone (Ok, that didn't really happen but you get the drift). Haha. Just kidding ma!

The Brown family said...

I did mine now too!

Thanks for the great idea. It was fun.