Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Checking in pays off

I have a proud mommy moment to share-but first a little background. We send our son TJ (you know the one from my 1st marriage) to a private Christian school. We love it at Faith and so does he. We've never had any problems. He's a pretty good boy and quite bright. Well, recently, he brought home his report card and he had all A's, except one B...not a big deal except something just didn't seem right. He is highly capable of straight A's and we expect it of him b/c of his capableness (new word??). In fact, he has always gotten straight A's -I feel very blessed to share that. I know many parents are pleased when their kiddos bring home C's b/c that is their best. We have the same philosophy so we will always celebrate our kids "best" whether it's A's or what have you. TJ has struggled with penmanship (which I think is nearly obsolete since computers are everywhere and going paperless is how I see our future) and has gotten B's in it (which may or may not have been his best, but his school does not count penmanship in GPA or honor roll, etc.

Well, this B was not in penmanship. It was in Bible. TJ always knows his memory verses-hands down that kid knows more verses than me. He has a really good memory-me, Momnesia. But, on his report card he had a B. Progress reports had not indicated that he was performing at a B level and he has never told me that he'd been missing memory verses but as a parent I wondered if maybe he was hiding it from me and had been slacking.
So, I wrote a "nice" note with his signed report card and low and behold IT WAS A MISTAKE! He was supposed to get an A+ not a B+!!! I have never been so happy to get a call from school in my life (and he's never been so happy to be called up to the teachers desk). His teacher was so apologetic and kind about the whole mix up. And I am so proud of my TJ! He got ALL A's -even in handwriting. I wanted to post a picture of him and his report card, but my little genius forgot it at school (and lost his lunch box) but it's still a red letter day because he got all A's!!!



Kirsten said...

Wow Renay! You have to be feeling like the most proud momma ever! :) I am proud for you and for TJ-- WAY TO GO TJ!!!

I can't even imagine just what the day will be like when Peyton and Parker get evaluated on their learning progress. It seems like such a big deal now that I'm a mom.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!


Kim said...

Go TJ! That is fantastic. And he is handsome too-can he get an A++ for that?
Also thankyou for that Sarah McLaughlin song on here. I love it and I am downloading it to my IPod.

Kirsten said...

Oops...I should have clarified in my "10 Facts" post. Only MY incorrect preposition use bothers me. I don't even notice it in other people's writing. Weird, huh? I think I'll add an addendum to my post! :) See you this afternoon!

Michelle said...

Way to go TJ!!!