Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Major Meltdown

Owen is a good baby. He is. Thus, he must have MPD because I swear to you yesterday I saw Linda Blair in her infamous role in the Exorcist come right out of Owen!

The kid is having major withdraw apparently from our binkie breaking addiction. So there we were, right in the middle of Chick-fil-A when the whole head spinning thing started-my oh my...what happened to my precious baby? I seriously contemplated shoving the binkie back in his mouth right then and there and just writing a letter to his future wife apologizing that we never broke the habit.

It was surreal.

I have to tell myself sometimes, this is the same kid I spent 12 weeks on strict bedrest for and rivers of tears on. Wow-was he something else.

So, I took him to the van and strapped him in-I would have used a straight jacket had I had one, but I settled for our overpriced Brittax carseat. He sat there like he was coming down from a haldol injection. He looked pathetic and worn out from his full body convulsions. I feel stupid that I tried to give him a mint or sip of lemonade to calm him down (prior to our exit from the dining area) so I could stay there chatting with a friend. No chance-any longer and we would've been kicked out.

Ahhh...and to think that was just the first of many, MANY tantrums-and he's only 17 1/2 months old. Ugh.

He is also doing another interesting thing...he's crying and screaming when his brothers take things from him. He's such a cry baby and tattle tell-already. I'm so calling Dr. Phil for an intervention-or maybe the Super Nanny. Jo, can you help?

Right now he is writing on a magna doodle and it's super cute, 2 minutes from now, his head may be spinning again...who knows. I'll take the bad with the good (if I have to).

Oh and back to the binkie breaking-I've also noticed he seems to be teething so of course this was the best possible time to rip away a source of comfort for my poor kiddo who is writhing in pain. Great idea, really.

Awww...he just clapped for himself in delight at his art work. Then I ruined it by grabbing the camera and he threw himself on the floor. Uh, yea...I think his 18 month pictures will be grand!

Ok, well, pray for me. I'm off to the yellow pages to search under E for exorcism.


amy f. said...

Aww...it's just the beginning, huh? Fun times, fun times. We've all been there. So hard in public. Sorry it's starting already with your baby. But he's so stinkin' cute no matter...especially in the picture where he looks so pathetic and defeated. That kid of yours just melts my heart.

Kim said...

Welcome to Preston-land. You are so brave though because driving with him without the pacifier is pur torture! Your post as usual made me laugh and the pictures of Owen are just to precious for words!

Jennifer said...

Ahhh! I remember the binkie breaking phase. It wasn't pretty. I cut Catherine's up and told her it broke and we had to throw it away. We had a goodbye ceremony over the trash can and all seemed to be going fine until....bedtime! Ouch. It was a looong night. Oh well, she seems fine now, although come to think of it, sometimes I see her wistfully looking into the trash can. So that's what that's all about!

Cindy said...

Here's the good news--it's easier to throw away the binkie than it is the thumb! Bada boom. Keep this in mind--if it gets to wild at home, you can always tell Tim you need to go to work!