Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bye, bye binkie!

I haven't posted in a while because we were-uh, well out of the country...a fabulous Cruise that I earned compliments of my pampered chef gig;-) We went to the Bahamas and it was so wonderful. TJ came along and Owen and Jake stayed with my mom (thanks mom!). I have tons of details to share (mostly just to journal the memories) but it's already late tonight so you'll have to wait. I will probably do separate posts for each day of our trip.

But, this post is to say that we are officially 36 hours binkie free. From the moment we picked Owen up yesterday from my mom, we have not given him his binkie (which he used mostly for naps anyway). It is going ok-really pretty well by most standards but for me I am sad since it is one more sign that I am losing my baby and he can be quite the whiner so I usually plugged him up when I tired of hearing him whine-no more of that lazy momming;-)

So, I guess that's it for this post-here's a few pics of the boys before they headed off to grama's for their 10 day stay;-)


Kim said...

Renay! Yay you are back! I missed you! I need to see pics from your cruise! I am dreading taking the binkie away. He loves it in the car the most. And sometimes it is just easier to give it to him than listen to the incessant whining!
The new pics are soooo cute. Your mom is a doll to take the kiddos for 10 days!

amy f. said...

Aww...but he's even cuter (if that's possibly) with the binkie. Sounds like he's doing pretty well without it, so I guess it's time.

The boys look great sportin' their brand new Purdue shirts. We miss seeing them...and you :-)