Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy 17 months old Owen!

Today Owen turned 17 months old! I took him for the monthly weighing in and measuring and here's where he is now: he weighed in at 18 pounds 2 ounces which is GREAT weight gain (up 10 ounces from last month). His length was 28 3/8 inches (which is barely up from 28 1/4 inches), and his head circumference was up 1/2 cm.

So he is still pretty much on his same curve that is well below the "average" with no "catch-up" to the average growth curve. Oh, and he's around the 25% if you just compare him weight for height (which means a little scrawny even for his shortyness-another Renayism).

He's SOOOO active!!! He is walking everywhere, though not completely stable on his feet (thus easily falls). He tries to move around dancing but it really just looks like he is walking around in circles with his head high and a BIG goofy smile on his face.

He now has 7 teeth! 2 on bottom, the 4 in front on the top, and one top molar has cut all the way through:-)

The program that helps us make sure Owen is developing on track (First Steps) has reevaluated him and has qualified him for more therapies because of our difficulties communicating with him and his resulting frustrations. He does know a handful of signs and his latest to pick up is "please", though modified, as he just wasn't doing the traditional way. He does "sing" and says ma-ma and da-da on command, but not to get our attention per se.

Oh, and he's climbing! Everywhere! In fact, he just strategically positioned a toy so that he could climb up on the couch while I was typing this...and now he's crying since I foiled his plans. He also walks around with a toy phone to his ear all the time or if he sees me pick up the phone and his toy phone isn't close by, he'll raise his had to his ear for a "pretend" phone-super cute!

He's also quite the custodian as you can see from the pictures.



Jennifer said...

Renay he is so cute as are all your boys! I could use a little help cleaning out my garage and basement when the weather gets a little better so if you're coming this way.......?

amy f. said...

Aww...that's great weight gain for him. He is just so proud of himself on that box, I love it! I can just picture him on his toy phone...he is the cutest!

How Life Is Measured said...

Go Owen! first question for you Renay is, why to you have a giant box of Broccoli Florets?

April said...

Thats a great weight gain. Im so happy for him! he is really walking around. he was cruisin around the play place at the mall on Wednesday! Im curious about the box as well. DO tell!

Kirsten said...

He is such a cutie, Renay! It sounds like he is just making leaps and bounds each and every day. Way to grow, Owen!

Tonya said...

Happy 17th Month Birthday Owen!! You are getting so big!! I love the broom picture...wanna come help me? ;)

The Valiant Family Updates said...

We just really love broccoli:-)'s just a box from Sams Club and with all those toys lying around, wouldn't you play with a card board box??? Especially one that can help you escape from your couch barricades???

Kim said...

Owen's stats sound great. His pictures are too much. Why do I just want to eat him up through the pictures? Good luck with the climbing. If you can figure out a way to make them stop doing it, please pass it on!