Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My first Marriage...

Was to Tim and it was my only marriage;-) It's a joke between he and I where he has always said in the game "2 truths and a lie" that TJ is his son from his first marriage as one of his "truths" and of course, he is-both of us have only been married once, to each other, and only have the 3 kiddos:-) Apparently, not everyone gets my sense of humor-and that's ok:-) Apparently, there are also a lot of blog reading lurkers on here who NEVER leave a comment, and that's ok too but please know I do wish I knew who regularly (and not so regularly) checks in on us:-)

All in good fun:-)

PS No word yet about Tricia's new lungs;-(


Kim said...

You are funny. Very clever of you and your hubby! You know I am a faithful reader!

Emily said...

I thought that #6 was clever. I may have to use it when I play 2 truths and a lie. :)

I use to be a very big lurker...lurking on everyone's pages all the time.

I now comment...a fact, I'm not a long-winded comment-er.


LOve you,

CMF said...

Hi! I am one of your lurkers. I found you via Tonya's blog and now I am hooked.