Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just for fun (a meme???)

Many of my blogosphere pals have done this already and I’m following suite. I hope you will too-if you do, please leave a comment so I can read yours and learn more fun stuff about you. You’re officially tagged, don’t let me down.

Where is your cell phone? Probably in the mud room.

Your significant other? He’s an amazing man. He’s My soul mate and a wonderful patient father. He’s a reader, a book collector, great teacher, brilliant financial whiz and dedicated Walgreens manager. He has a great sense of humor that many don’t quite get. He’s a staunch republican. He has bunches of quirks that make me crazy yet, love him even more. He’s also very fit and can run like lightening. I’m a huge fan and the president of his fan club.

Your hair? Is kinda short now and I’m just getting the hang of how to style it (I guess). I’m glad I have hair.

Your mother? Is the mom God chose for me and I love her deeply. She is a very giving woman and the best grandma ever. She’s also recently lost a bunch of weight and looks great. She has had an amazing life filled with challenges and health problems but has always come out a stronger person from it.

Your father? Is the dad God chose for me and I love him deeply. I know he loves us all very much too.

Your favorite thing? Um, other than my God, family and friends…I’m liking my bike and kid trailer, my computer, my new hair cut, and my plastic coca-cola cups (I have only 3 left). Oh, my other new fav thing is gong on cruises.

Your dream last night? I don’t remember any.

Your favorite drink? My new fav is ice water but my old fav is fountain diet pepsi.

Your dream/goal? Well, I would like to run a marathon. And I would like to lose weight and reclaim my body and health. But my ultimate goal is to be a Godly wife and raise my 3 boys (and any future children) in the discipline and admonition of the Lord. I pray we will be a healthy happy and above all Godly family and bring others to knowing the saving grace of Jesus.

The room you are in? My living room now (I started this in the kitchen).

Your ex? Which one? I’d rather not go there.

Your fear? I have many. I can't watch demonic or super scary movies as they give me irrational fears. I fear my family members passing on only because I am selfish and would miss them. I fear my childrem getting injured in a life altering (or ending) way. I fear automobile accidents and flying in small planes. I am completely public speaking phobic. I fear tax audits. I fear house fires. I fear what people think of me and worry they don't believe the best even though those are my intentions. I fear messing up as a nurse and causing harm to a patient or their baby. I fear someday the Lord will not say "well done good and faithful servant-I am proud to call you my daughter".

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Continuing on a healthy lifestyle path and possibly with one more child.

Where were you last night? I was on my couch watching AI, and House

What you are not? I’m not healthy but I am working on it. I am in pain from trying to get healthy, my legs are killing me.

Muffins? I’m not really a muffin girl. I could live without them.

One of your wish list items? Too many too list. I would like rocks for landscaping my yard and some pretty day lillies.

Where you grew up? Linden IN

The last thing you did? Talk to my sis on the phone while cleaning Owen off from his lunch, but we are about to head out to the mall for a play date.

What are you wearing? Jeans and a bright green short sleeved top

Your TV? Is a close friend. I love who my TV becomes when I turn it on. Another guilty pleasure and addiction. I love my DVR equally though. Deal or no deal is now on in the back ground (it took a while for me to finish this post).

Your pets? Just one, an aquatic frog that we rec’vd as a tadpole. He (or she) is like a fish since it lives in the water and people thnk we are cruel that we keep him alone in a small tank but it’s how he’s supposed to be raised. We’ve had him now for 2 ½ years. I cried once when I thought he was dying, now sometimes I wish he’d kick th ebucket since he’s a pain to keep his tank clean. But he needs to live thru next week so I can take him to TJ’s schoolfor pet day.

Your computer? Is a great Compaq Presario laptop and I would have it with me everywhere if I could, it might be a bit of a guilty pleasure (ok it’s an obsession, but whatever).

Your life? Is incredibly blessed and I am not always as grateful for it as I should be.

Your mood? Really great! (I’ve been heading downhill all day though with my legs hurting and I’m unusually weary.

Missing someone? I miss my kids when I’m away from them and I sometimes miss that all my grandparents passed away either before I was bornor when I was young.

Your car? Is a wonderful gift from my hub. I drive a 2005 Toyota Sienna and it’s cool.

Something you are not wearing? Socks nor shoes which is a huge preference of mine. I prefer sandals but the snow keeps that an impossible (or at least dumb) year round feat.

Favorite store? For what? I really like Target and try to say out to save money. Kohl’s, bath and body, and the hallmark store sometimes. I like shopping online and thru ebay.

Your summer? Will be laid back and lazy. I will just enjoy my boys being home with me.

Like someone? Of course, but I don’t have a specific cute answer here. I guess I like Carl Edwards the Nascar driver of the 99 Ford Fusion who does back flips when he wins. He has one in the cup series 3 times this year already. He’s on fire. And just seems like a genuinely good guy.

Your favorite color? Really girly pink. I love baby pink Gerber daisies too.

When is the last time you laughed? Hmmm…I laugh out loud at TV shows all the time. I can’t remember laughing really hard since the last time I had friends over and we played games. We always crack up till we near cry or pee ourselves (alcohol free ta boot;-)

Last time you cried? Oh my gosh, when we were on the way back from our Cruise and TJ and watched Bridge to Teribithia- I bawled like a BABY!!! It was a great movie but it moved me deeply!

Ok, now it’s your turn.


Emily said...

Wow! I love learning so much about my friends.

Kim said...

ok Renay,
I will have to remember to copy this and do this on my blog. really great answers. I feel like we are so alike-I mean I love my tv and I love my computer. I also love the song "My Wish" that I am listening to right now on your blog. This is such a cool way to learn about someone. I hope we all copy this and do it on our blogs!

amy f. said...

Wow, your fears were powerful. I have a lot of the same ones...although not a tax audit :-)

I love that you said you like a Nascar driver.

We're looking to get a bike trailer...what kind do you have?

Glad you participated in this. Love you!

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

Oh, I love pink gerber daisies and Hallmark stores, too.