Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random thoughts...

Update: no word on the bone

Update to cornflake auction at end...

Anyone else experience this…

~Always think you feel your cell phone vibrating in your pocket even when it’s not in your pocket

~Find yourself raising your voice (shouting) or dramatizing your speech when talking to an automated teller…please just call the USPS package tracking line and see what you think-it’s enough to drive a sane person crazy so for me, it’s a short putt. I seriously talk to her saying “Cuuusssstttoooommmmmmeeerrrrrrr SSSSeeeerrrrvvviiiiiccceee" all dramatic and slow and she then says, I didn’t quite understand you, did you say track package and I exclaim NNNNNOOOOO and she says I’m sorry did you say yes or no? NOOOOO ok, track package-I didn’t want it tracked. I’m sorry could you repeat and so on and so forth and seriously what moron dreamed up such annoying inventions????

Have you ever…

Woke up and see that it’s 7 and think you are running late when it’s really 7pm (Tim did that tonight and it was really funny to me). In all fairness I’ve done it at least twice in my life-once as a teen and once as a young adult.

~Watched The Biggest Loser and couldn't help yourself from munching chips and craving chocolate (aka porking out on fists full of chocolate chips)???

Anyone hear about the Ebay auction for a corn flake that looked like the state of Illinois? It was up to almost a quarter mill around 3:30pm today and then it disappeared-NO, not ended, but is gone-it was listing number 110233337338 and my inquiring mind really wants to know what happened to it??? I’m coining it the great Illinois corn flake cover up-Tim says maybe someone poured milk over it-ha!
But then I found it again 150227330878 but only at $1.25 and not ending for 10 days whereas before it had only around a day left--- so weird…

Ok so my inquiring mind has found the new, new auction 110235071660 and it is cited as having been removed due to violatin ebays selling of opened food policy...so now it's back up as a coupon redeemable for the actual corn flake...here's what's funny-assuming this is true, they lost $200K and ebay lost the fee that would have been paid on that-which seems crazy-but we are speaking about people who put one peice of breakfast cereal up for auction...see that's me problem, we had donuts and they only resembled Rosie O' Donell (he, he-that was so unlike me:-).


Kim said...

Renay-We are kindred spirits. I hate the voice activated customer service lines. I laughed out loud with that one! Hilarious!
Also I did get rid of the word verification for you on my blog.
You crack me up.
And I am totally still interested in the bone.

Katie said...

I'm sitting here LOL! I HATE the phone operated systems! I have been trying to get through to my phone company for like 3 weeks now!! I always try to bypass all the talking by pusing 'O'...all I want is a human voice!!
Still waiting on pins and needles to find out if the bone is human!??
I was sitting on my couch last night eating frozen pizza and drinking a beer while watching the Biggest Loser!! I looked over at my husband and just laughed at us! I even commented to him about the fact that we were eating pizza and watching a show about losing weight!!

A Sprinkled Heart said...

I have to laugh at the automated voice thought. Whenever I call my health insurance co., they make me say my birthday into the phone. Well, the system cannot understand "22." Every time, it says "12" back to me. I've even had my hubby try for me, and it doesn't work. I've tried other accents and voice inflections. Argh! I now say "representative" from the beginning and never play their game. :) Haha!

Emily M