Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 4...

Catchy titles, eh?

This morning has been a harder one than the others so far. I woke up frequently last night. I also had been trying to wean myself off the pain medication 1) because it made me so foggy and sleepy and 2) because I was not having that bad of pain. Unfortunately, less pain meds=more pain. *NOTE* ridiculous severe stabbing pain that I didn't know was possible. *Additional Note* there are no awards for being on one pill vs 2-take 2.

So, my doctor came in to check up on me while I was having a "beat myself up" over the pain meds thing and decided to keep me one more day to make sure I can manage-which was probably a good move because I could seriously hardly walk 10 feet to the bathroom. He also is doing Griffin's circumcision *ouch* as I type. Griffin's nurse said his bilirubin levels are down so he may come off the lights-they hadn't rounded on him yet though. I think my MD was wanting him to come into my room and allow me time with him tonight also. This is all good news as I would guess it means we could go home together tomorrow.

That's my mid-morning update. I'm sure I'll post more pics, etc later;-)