Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Griffin!-more updates

Our precious boy is 8 hours old now.

I have so much I could share and my heart is aching that I sit here all alone typing a blog post instead of cuddling Griffy.

My mind is a bit foggy...there's certainly less clarity than I'd like-but I am DEFINITELY not complaining since I am sure part of the "fogginess" is due to pain meds and the meds I'm getting for the itching (which is only a little helpful;-).

Griffin is in the NICU in his little private room-I got to visit him and it was sooo sad to see him all alone in the room. It was also sad to see him all swollen and on CPAP (which is less than being ventilated *good* but more than a nasal cannula. He is on room air though which means he is only receiving the pressure from the machine and the reminder to breathe/help him work less-and not needing O2 is so good. While I was visiting him they came in to place an umbilical catheter. I left at that point because I felt I might add stress to the procedure to be breathing down them trying to do their jobs.

I am so shocked that I am all alone and not getting that precious time alone with him-just me and him. I haven't even held him yet (aside from the quick odd angle in the OR when they were trying to whisk him away to the NICU. But I am very thankful to have been to see him twice already.

I am not so down trodden that I can't see the bright side (how very few) and I still know this is ALL part of GOD's plan for Griffin's life.

Here is a photo of the boys visit...we had a birthday party for Griffin complete with homemade cupcakes and singing-it's too bad of course that Griffin couldn't be here but the boys seemed to enjoy it. They can't see Owen in the NICU due to RSV season and other bugs that hang on this time of year, but we had quite the slide show of pica on the laptop;-)

I am feeling very tired all of a sudden so I will try to edit and post more later...





Happy Birthday Griffin!