Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eat, Burp, Poop, Sleep, Repeat

This is a summation of how Griffin spends his time. Except last night-he skipped the sleep part;-) And he often poos way more than I remember newborns possibly being able to. Seriously. It's all coming back to me...sleep deprivation of the parents of a newborn-ahhhhh.

He's been really sweet though and he has the most kissable face and head! I love his new baby scent-I could snuggle and hold him forever.

The boys have all been quite sweet with him so far as well. Tim has been a great and patient daddy (and husband). And I have been a sleepy momma.

I had forgotten how the littlest things send panic into me-diaper rash, spitting up, gagging, the healing of a circumcision-I feel like a first time mom again. I could make a mountain outta any molehill.

I'm so glad to be home as a fanily. I can hardly believe Griffin is 5 days old already.


Lora said...

Renay, I love your title - that does sum up the newborn, doesn't it?? He's so cute - congratulations on your family of 6!!

Jennifer said...

Griffin is just so beautiful. He looks like a real combination of features from all four of the other men in your life! Congratulations and enjoy every single second. They go so quickly don't they?!

Kavita Deckard said...

He is adorable! Glad to hear you are home and getting settled!!!

amy f. said...

Love the pictures...he's just too cute and fitting right in at home. I'd like to make you a meal next week. Sorry I can't do it sooner. I'll e-mail you about it :-)

Destini said...

Renay, he is so adorable! I just want to kiss him through the computer! So glad that the boys are happy (so far, anyway :) ). I love the pictures, especially the one of you and Griffin, very sweet!

Michelle said...

He is beautiful, Renay!