Monday, April 13, 2009

Missed 35 week update and Easter pics

I don't really know how I missed it...but I did miss it.

I guess at this point not much seems any different-well-formed baby getting bigger: check.

Well formed momma belly getter bigger: check.

Erratic emotions and hormones: check.

Baby in unknown but likely non-head down position: check.

Daily (sometimes twice daily) need for pepcid: check, check.

Just for more fun, my BIL Jason thinks he has the guess for Griffin game in the he took home his prize already-he was awarded with 2-yes 2 bottles of skintimate shave gel. If he doesn't turn out to be the winner, no worries, I still have tricks up my sleeves. You'll see his mug below and why shave gel was the perfect prize for him.

I delivered Jacob at 34 weeks and 5 days gestation. He weighed in at 5 pounds 13 little Griffin here might not be so little. I am 35 weeks and 3 days today-the word is babies can gain 1/2 to one pound a week in the final few weeks. So, if I hold off until my c-section date and hit the 37 week mark, I'd guess Griffin will be at least 7 pounds and it won't surprise me if he's much more of a heffer;-)

I'm definitely in the fun stage of wondering if he'll have hair, if he'll look like his brothers, etc. But, I'm also in the not so fun continued state of's just a "I know too much about labor, delivery, and childbirth" deal but it can be a real downer.

Today I have my long appointments (super triple ugh)-with monitoring, an ultrasound, and seeing my MD. Too bad frequent flyer miles or something can't be rewarded for the number of hours spent in his office. I will update if there is anything worthy afterwards. I also have montoring on Friday. I will then see him for a long appt one last time next Tuesday and then it's D'day on the 24th...the end is so in sight-11 days!!!

Onto Easter:

It was a nice weekend. We had great weather and I had a house filled with family. I was spoiled with gifts for Griffin and little surprises and such all through the weekend. Owen's response to Easter was probably my highlight though-he loved hunting eggs and trying new flavors and textures...he was all about the peeps. "These are good, mom, mmmmmmm." he said with such clarity and sincerity. "Fank-you".

Here are random pics from the 2 days:

Hope you had a nice Easter as well.

PS my spelling/grammar checker was down so this is the best proofing I could do at 8am;-)



love your Easter pics....praying for you!

amy f. said...

Love the pictures....the boys look so handsome!