Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going home and on the news...

Today we are packing up and going home! Wouldn't you know I am soooo sleepy today too-I think this fabulous rainy day isn't helping.

Anyway, I was just woke up to a coworker coming in and excitedly exclaiming "it's Renay"! She informed me she was in my room to ask me (but she didn't know it was me) to help by doing a segment for the news on car seat safety. SO, I sleepily agreed and I think I said some lame things on camera and now Tim is down at the circle drive allowing them to demonstrate our car seat being installed.

I bet I look lovely;-) And bet Tim was shocked too as I sprung it on him via phone as he was on his way with donuts for me;-) I don' know when the segment will be but will post later if I find out.


Michelle said...

Congratulations, Renay! He is so cute and I love the pictures of the older boys seeing him.