Monday, April 20, 2009

Griffin's birthday weather forecast

From :

Apr 24

Partly Cloudy


Go figure. Our first 80 degree day (it's been rainy for 2 and is supposed to be tomorrow too) and I'll be having surgery.

Oh well. He's worth the wait and far supersedes a sunny spring day;-)

Tomorrow is my LAST MD appt, monitoring session and ultrasound-yippee!

Then, I get to start all over for Griffin's well-baby check-ups. And Owen has a 2 1/2 year check up coming. I have quite the list for the MD as Owen's small size and lack of catch up are always in the back of my mind-I'm not worried about him, I just want to make sure we are diligently caring for him and don't miss something since he's like the smartest and cutest 2 year old-a little bias maybe.

Just so ya know:

Bottles sterilized: check
Formula (at least some) on hand: check
Baby Clothes washed and ready: check
Baby blankets washed and ready: check
Cradle that Griffin probably won't sleep in: check
Diapers (probably worthless newborn sized;-): check
5000 diaper wipes: check, check

Am I forgetting anything? I think we are ready:-)


amy f. said...

What a BEAUTIFUL day his birthday will be!! And sounds like you have everything ready to go, all well-nested :-)