Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hospital Day 2 -4:30am

I'm tired of itching...

I was acceptent (can't figure out how to spell this one;-) of it since it meant no incisional pain but now that I am losing ground on pain control and still itching like mad, it is making me feel more and more out of control. As an example, I scratched so much in my sleep that I pulled my IV out which means on oral pain and itching meds for now-which means less effective;-( But, again, it is all worth it as we have Griffin to show for it;-)

I just called over to NICU to talk to his nurse and a HUGE praise!!! Griffin is off CPAP and they even aren't using a nasal cannula right now-which, I think means his gorgeous little face and head are uncovered with bandages and equipment-YAY!

I think I will head off to see him and take more pics. How encouraging this news is. Now if only the itching could fade away...

Thank you all for praying and commenting, etc. It means so much to feel so much love;-) Please continue to pray for me and Griffin at the hospital and for Tim and the boys at home...they can visit me, but it's just so hard for them to understand and to be super quiet and self-controlled. I would love it if Tim were at my side tonight-I miss him so much.

Love and hugs to all:-)


It's a beautiful day! said...

Yay! That is good news about Griffin! I've been praying for you guys. If you neeed us to do anything, please, please please let us know!

and this is a day late...but Congratulations!!!You've got a handsome little guy there:-)

The Baker Family said...

Praying for you all. Congrats!!

How Life Is Measured said...

Congratulations!!!!! I can't believe you now have one more!
I am praying for you and wonderful Griffin!

ang said...

Congratulations Valiant family!! What a beautiful little guy! Glad all is going well!

BRYAN'S YAYA said...

What a beautiful baby boy...another one! Prayers for you both...and for your entire family.


YaYa to Bryan