Thursday, August 07, 2008

AGT installment 1-The semi-finalists revealed

First I must does one truly pick who is worthy of having a hour and a half show in Vegas in a 90 second segment...

Also, how will they tell those 2 cute lil kids no? Seriously...I bet they put them thru just cuz they are cute-that's my prediction. But truly: they won't be young and cute forever-can you say Olsen Twins?

I thought it was strange that I had never seen some of the acts they had to vote on tonight...I'm sure it's just an editing issue.

How can they not put thru the Soldier? Seriously-he's easy on the eyes, a war hero and he rocks!

And, how would you feel if you were a famous female pop artist that had a guy impersonating you? I'm not thinking the impersonators will make it far-but that's just MO.

Being picked for the semi-finals:

1. Elvis Guy
2. R&B singer fella that is really buff
3. Violin playing bra-thes
4. Strange bald guy with a goatee -a Magician maybe
5. 4 bra-thes that wear old time clothes and sing
6. Tina Turner impersonator-scary
7. Family that plays together
8. Fella that I never-I mean never saw before who said he was being a mime in a box-wore a green stripe shirt-have no idea what his act was-comedy-maybe?
9. 3 kids/siblings that played instruments
10. Fella that wears a hat and earring and plays the piano really well while singing
11. Another crazy dark haired dude, that I don't remember-maybe he had an accent or something.
12. 2 singing sisters, scantily clad that actually got 2 x's in the original audition (how does that happen-oh cuz you stink)
13. Sinatra impersonator that is 72 and needed the AED after hearing he was going thru
14. 4 year old cutie pie Katelyn that sings (could she have been any less excited and could Piers have hugged her any less lovingly?).
15. Daniel the soldier who sang and played guitar
16. Dark haired fella that I'd never seen before and have know idea what his talent was-magic maybe?
17. Pyro dude wearing weird coat with no shirt
18. Little girl that does self defense against bad guys (which is totally not a talent)
19. Opera singing dude (yes I say dude b/c s/he has an adam's apple but they Say he's a girl which peeves me to no end. I mean seriously, how do you think he hits those low notes-duh!
20. Drum playing dudes that remind me a lot of stomp or the blue men group
21. Blonde country singing girl that plays guitar
22. Second bald magician
23. Work suit wearing trumpet playing dancing white guy (that I don't remember ever seeing before;-(
24. 40 yr old Big momma Queen Emily with some lungs and award winning drama;-) But seriously, those judges sure can break a person down before letting them thru! And I'm calling it now-she will go far;-) Question: when you cry with false eye lashes on, do you risk them falling off? Just wondering.
25. A personal fav-the sparkle shirt wearing, baton throwing dude-simply awesome! He's truly talented and under rated and I loved when the Elvis impersonator hugged him-awwwww!
26. Jessica the 24 yr old cute gal from MI who sings so well and has such natural beauty-inside and out;-) And she cried like a baby when they told her and it was so humble and genuine;-)
27. 5 blow up figures that are really a side show act for a sporting event and not Vegas material, though I think they are hilarious to watch
28. Britney Spears impersonator-dude-yes dude. Who might I add, his male body is better than mine times a hundred. His name is Derrick. Weird. I so want to see what he looks like as a HE.
29. nasty dancer girls
30. More dancer girls
31. More dancer girls (boring)
32. Dancer guys
33. Dancing dads
34. More dancer girls(seriously?)
35. More dancing guys
36. More Dancing teens (another prediction-a dancer/dancing group WILL not be in the final round, nor win the competition:-) IMO of course.
37. Big dude that sings opera-whitie
38. Big dude that sings opera-not whitie (and I am so glad b/c I liked him so much more than the other dude who did make it also;-)
39. awesome Russian bendy stick flipping girl with 2 pole holding studs (but she suffered an injury and was replaced by an alternate:
39. we get to decide from wild card picks Singing dad (I did like him), contortionist (no idea how to spell) girl, Dancing couple (come one, we have enough dancers!), head spinning and dancing dudes (they were cool), sword swallower, weird fire girl, bra-the that could sing, Xclusive-the dude who moves his body really awesomely to songs, beats, sounds, etc. You can cast your vote here...this is a VERY hard choice for me. I think I'm going to vote for xclusive...but there are a couple I wish I could have take the place of others who did make it;-(

So I missed 1 of them-how did that happen? Makes me so mad that I could...errrrrr....rewatch it!

Who didn't make it? (which they showed very little of for most of the show):
-R&B singer that was heavy
-50 yr old sword swallower-who swallows curved swords and I think it was amazing but again, how could that be an hour plus show in Vegas???
-Southern bells (dancers)
-keyboard dude with mustache
-singing brunette older gal
-purple haired fire playing with girl
-little kid singer boy
-dancing couple
-dudes that dance and stuff on their heads-ouch (they were awesome and I'm surprised they didn't get thru)
-Dude that can dance very creatively to music and sounds and I am ticked that he didn't make it-he was awesome-AWESOME!
-Dad dude who lost his ability to speak let alone sing (he was in a car accident that severed his vocal cords) -and sung Josh Grobin beautifully. And should've made it. It was very sad to hear his exit interview;-(
-Clogging kiddos-very sad to see them cry

Plus 8 others who went home that I either missed or they didn't show on air-UGH!!!!

Oh and can I just mention that Jerry Springer is worthless on the show-am I wrong here?

One other thing that irritates me is how they put these competitors into groupings of likeness and then compare their subcategory but they shouldn't do that per se. They should let in the 40 best and if all 40 are singers or whatever, they should get in and not on variety. But, it's a ratings show so that stinks.

I can't believe I (we) have to wait until September 3rd to see more AGT...are you kidding me-I mean, I love the Olympics (it's my secret-but now out of the bag-dream for Owen to be an Olympian gold medal winner someday-gymnastics I think-but come on...that's a month away!!!! Ugh, Ugh, TRIPLE lutz UGH!

That's all I've got man-Renay OUT!


Emily said...

I had to laugh at your descriptions....more dancing girls! You are too funny. I can't wait for fall TV either.

April said...

You are so funny! I haven't been too into it this year, but I thought they put the army singer guy in??? I could be wrong. :)

Oh, and to change the show I'm talking about, what did ya think of Tuesday night when Amy told her mom?? Its getting interesting!

Emily said...

My turn to say that I miss you! :)