Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TJ 1st day 3rd grade and an end to an era...

***My computer is explicative deleted frustrating me so I am just getting these pics uploaded though this post was otherwise ready ALL day!***

I did it...I was strong- I didn't cry. I thought I'd bawl my eyes out but I kept my cool and only teared up a tiny bit (and that was during the teacher/principal silly song when Mr. Lambeth mentioned being naughty;-). Anyway, all the boys got up great and did well with pictures until I tried the elusive group picture of all 3 of them...unsuccessful-as usual.

Here's the photo recap:

As for the end of an era, my last night at Home Hospital was last night. I thought I'd be devastated and really torn up about leaving but, I wasn't...but, I only wasn't because I was able to go spend 2 plus hours with some of my new coworkers on our BEAUTIFUL new unit at the NEW Clarian Arnett Hospital. The place is breath taking and the features of the rooms are OUT OF THIS WORLD! I know patients will LOVE LOVE LOVE the unit and we are all hopeful they will love the care we give them as well. More to come about the new job soon...orientation starts Sept. 2nd. Jake starts preschool Monday. Things are rolling around here;-).


Kim said...

Oh so handsome! TJlooks soooo handsome and grown up! I also love his Celebrate plate. Very cute.

Also-congrats on the new position at the new Hospital. It sounds great!

Also do not fret-I will be watching lots of fall tv!

Lindsay said...

He looks so grown up! :) Congrats on the new unit with fun features!

The Goodman's said...

I can't believe you are not at Home anymore. If I remember correctly you worked in the labor and delivery. I was kind of hoping that when I went in to have my baby you would be on duty. It would have been nice to have a familiar face around.

I am excited about your new job. The hospital is so conveniently located to your house. Just imagine ow much money and stress you will save from being that close.

The boys are growing up. I love checking out the new pictures of them all.

Emily said...

I feel tear-y just thinking of BearHug going to school. :) So glad you are excited about the new location. Maybe I'll get to be a patient of yours again soon there. :)

amy f. said...

Jake's face at the front door shot...man, that is SO Jake :-) TJ is looking so old and mature.

Congrats on finishing up work at Home...big changes ahead!