Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip to WI (08.09.08 thru 08.14.08)

Note: picture overload on this post...I have tons more I wanted to post-so know that this WAS me using self-control;-)

We finally squeezed in a trip to G-ma Becca (my mom's) house up in WI. They have a nice fishing boat on Lake Michigan (in Algoma) so we started our there on Sunday:

Loving on G-ma:

Winning 1st place in the fishing contest (Owen will be in the Algoma newspaper since Gma was holding him when their picture was taken as top female and male achievers (go m/pa's!):

Busted! G-ma caught spoiling Owen with gooey cupcakes (and this photo doesn't show the multitude of soda, rice krispie treats, and smarties she fed him;-):

Gettin' dizzy:

Enjoying the sand and surf of the beautiful Lake MI shoreline and Lighthouse (I obviously loved the medium of the lighthouse:-):


What Owen did during the fireworks: (he also awoke occasionally to say "mow-ra boom" in a sleepy stooper;-)

Then we headed back to their home in Hortonville WI (near Appleton, WI). Actually, just me and Owen did, Sunday night after the fireworks since I suffer from Vestibular Balance disorder aka Mal de mer-but the boys stayed overnight on the boat to get up at 3am (ugh) to fish... Here's a fish TJ caught:

Though I wasn't there, they have a really cool webcam set-up at Algoma that refreshes every 30 seconds or so. They called me to tell me to check it out and I was able to save the photo of TJ's approx 6 pound salmon:-).

Then, on Tuesday we did some shopping...make that's what TJ got (G-ma got hosed by the salesperson):

(more on the hermit crabs later;-)

Here's what Jacob got (what a smooth talker):

Owen also got lots of goodies and a cute build a bear doggie.

It was a really fun time (all but the traveling part;-). The should be 6 hourish trip would be fine minus one crabby momma, and 3 fighting fussy boys, and endless traffic thru Chicago with highly irritating gun-it/slam on the brakes traffic every 30 seconds-oh which ends in a 7 hour plus trip of misery!

And a side note/God-sighting:

Us girls went to get Subway for "all of us" for lunch Sunday on the boat and left all the kids with the guys (G-pa, Uncle Andrew). When we got back all was fine and hours passed before I heard of the "miraculous survival" (not even kidding here) of Owen. They were all on the boat in the cabin area and Owen was playing on the back of the boat (area with fishing poles and all with the sides of the boat up to his head). Well, apparently they found Owen minutes later ON THE DOCK---yes, I repeat, OUT OF THE BOAT, ALONE, ON THE DOCK!!!! Unbeknownst to the guys, Owen must've climbed up over the side and onto the deck which is about a foot away from the side of the boat (picture deadly gap between boat and deck with DEEP water and just enough space for his body to fall in-NEVER to be seen again). Had it been the other side (see photo below) and he would've been in the water. Somehow (God-how), Owen must've climbed out and landed on the deck (which was nearly physically impossible for this tiny kid (Jake can hardly get out of the boat and onto the dock at 40 inches) and was none-the-wiser that he cheated certain death from drowning/injury from a fall. Can you believe it? I could be planning a funeral right now, but instead am sharing how God has spared my baby once again. NONE of us would've ever thought that lil' dude could manuver in such a way that he could get off that boat (in any manner AND survive)...unbelievable. Thank you Lord for delivering Owen to the dock safely and then protecting him while he played on a 3 foot wide deck area with no sides nor railing and water all around him to fall in.

These are Owen's feet at the beach...but I wonder-are they or is it really like the footprints poem...did the Lord carry Owen through-I believe He did.

And to end this post on a "good/more fun" note...I must tell you all, Owen has some issues lately with when and where he "goes" to the bathroom. At G-ma's he pooed in the tub 3 baths straight...then he peed on her floor. Yes, he IS in diapers but he picks every moment that he ISN'T in a diaper to go (no this does NOT mean he's ready to be potty trained!). So, right before we left, I was busy downstairs so the boys got Owen up out of his crib in the morning. TJ yelled down that Owen didn't have a diaper on and I ran to the stairs (grabbing the camera of course) and was trying to clarify as Owen appeared at the stairway landing and started to pee. So, here's to you Owen-may this haunt you when I use it at your HS graduation, wedding, and so forth forevermore!


Michelle said...

What a hysterical picture to use as blackmail someday!

Glad you had a good trip. There's nothing like being "home"!

Tonya said...

OH!!! You caught him in the act, brillant!! So funny!!

Great pictures from your trip! I especially love the footprint photo! You need to print and frame that for Owen's bedroom!

Emily said...

Wow! What an amazing story (again) for Owen! I have goosebumps. I had to laugh at the pee-pee picture. Too funny. :)

Jennifer said...

I cried. I can't even imagine the total fear. Thank you God for keeping Owen in you hands as you have obviously been doing all along or he wouldn't even be here at all!!!

Great vacation stories by the way. I especially love the spoiling by grandma stories:)

Kim said...

OMG! I am seriously almost throwing up thinking about how lucky Owen was. I think that will be on my mind all night!
Renay-seriously you should submit more of the photos to contests. Your pictures from this trip are gorgeous. The ones of the boys on the beach are amazing. I really am envious of the shots you are able to capture!

amy f. said...

Man, we need to take a trip to Wisconsin...we almost did this summer. You all had so much fun. Great pictures. Love the shot of all 3 boys from behind on the beach. And that last pic??!! How funny that you grabbed the camera to capture the action in time. I probably would have been running with a bowl in hand, or something. That is definitely a great blackmail photo.

That Owen story is unbelievable. Thank God he is okay. Hug him tight for me!!

Kara Townsend said...


Wow.. isn't God good? Thank you God for saving Owen's life. Owen is an all around little miracle boy!!

Brandy said...

Wow, Renay, that was something, I'm glad Owen is okay and you had a great time with your family.