Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Indiana Beach Fun Trip 08.08.08

We went on our annual trip to "the beach"-which is Indiana beach, a fun amusement park nearby our hometown.

We love this trip for tons of reasons-it is close to home, the tickets were free because I am (for at least 2 more shifts anyways) a SSFHS employee, it is big enough to have awesome attractions but small enough to not be too crowded to enjoy it, it is clean and well-kept, it has a great water park and neat rides, and it's just a really nice place to spend the day;-).

Owen enjoyed it more than ever and all of us had a great, fun day!

Here's a photo recap:

We started off on the sand beach...

Jake snorkeling (or at least trying to learn how;-)

TJ snorkeling (a seasoned pro, of course;-)

Oh no Mr. Bill!

Owen's 1st time on the frog hopper (he LOVED it!!!!;-)

Owen's 20th time (not kidding, he rode it over and over for 30 minutes solid and at times-like this one, he rode it ALL ALONE!!!;-)

I love capturing moments like these;-)

The gross carp (they call them bugle mouth bass, but they aren't) that swarm for food-yuck!

We went on the Shafer Queen, which is a 30 minute very relaxing (aka boring in TJ's words) boat ride along the lake and I captured the boys (reluctantly) site seeing and enjoying (aka tolerating) a great view of the boardwalk.

Above 2008 Below 2007 My, how they've grown!

Since Owen refuses my incessant needs to take pictures that capture growth, etc, he had to stay in the stroller for a shot including him.

Owen LOVES the rides and it's sad how few there are that he can enjoy but we're thankful there are a few to choose from that he can go on without us....how bout the one where he has his arms up...what a ride fanatic!

Mommy loves how the rides tuckered him out...they all slept well on the way home and then we headed to WI to visit the "up North clan" the next day-a post to follow re: that trip.


April said...

It looks like you guys a ton of fun! My have the kids grown since last year. WOW! I love the pic of Owen with his hands up! :)


Destini said...

That looks like great family fun! You are so lucky to have a place like that nearby! Great pictures of the adorable Valiant boys!

amy f. said...

Looks like the boys had such a great time! Owen looks so big on all of the rides. That is so cool that he loved the Frog Hopper...Alex does, too. My 6 year old nephew screamed to get off and they stopped the ride for him. Isn't that crazy???