Friday, August 22, 2008

The scoop...

Not alot to share...ok rephrase that-I actually have tons to share but I doubt many of you will find it as enthralling as I do but here goes, anyway;-) I'll throw in some fun pics for those of you who find me "too wordy";-)

Got any ideas what these two have been eating? 1,000 Valiant update points to the 1st to answer correctly in the comments section;-):

So this has a been a nice transition week so far. I got TJ off to school on Tuesday as I shared in the previous post. Jacob had a fun meet n' greet/ramp up day at school yesterday where we turned in his supplies, etc and met his teacher he'll have for preschool and throughout the day on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (who is the same wonderful gal as last year) and his childcare teacher that he'll have on Tuesdays and Thursdays (who is expecting in December and will deliver in the new hospital;-).

Jake on his way to his "ramp-up day" (I love this t-shirt he is wearing;-):

I am going to take Owen into his Childcare on Monday for an acclimation period after dropping Jake off for his first day of school. Then I scoot off to the new hospital to help out with a few things for a few hours before picking up Owen...I thought it would be good to not drop him off in a week for 9 hours solid from day 1 but, I'm sure he would manage either way. I officially start on September 2nd, then we leave at the end of that week for another (don't hate me;-) CRUISE! This one we are going on with my lil' Sis Amanda and her hubby Jason. We'll get to port in the Grand Cayman's and Mexico;-) Then we will travel back so that I can work Friday and the kids can go back to school only having missed 4 days (bad timing;-). Then I have 4 more weeks orientation before the Hospital opens mid-October.

On another note: I find this time of year one where I reflect on my past. Right now I'm reflecting on where I was this time 2 years ago...I was on the couch recovering from major surgery (August 10th, 2006) and was only 2 1/2 weeks into bedrest (22+ weeks pregnant) due to high blood pressure (I spent 11 more weeks after this point as well "in bed"). I did not yet know that there was more to come-things more challenging than bedrest alone. I had not yet heard the doctors say things like: there may be a problem. Your unborn son has a malformed head, and his arms and legs and chest are incredibly small. He may not live. It may be Thanatotropic dyslplasia. Or another skeletal dysplasia. There is a 99.9% chance he has some form of dwarfism. There may be Syndromes not compatible with life. Let's do an amnio. And so on. My world was bedrest laden but not all that bad-until Mid-September. It was not until I was 25 weeks along that I heard such terrifying utterings. I think about this story all of the time. Who did that happen to? What a blur. What deep waters I endured. Oh the tears I cried and paths my mind went down-ones a mother should not have to go-but I lived through it. It is my story. I am forever changed because it.

What a difference 2 years makes! Oh how in my hopes of hopes and prayers of prayers never would I have imagined we would be here-where we are today. Thank you Merciful Lord for our precious Owen!


Michelle said...

The older Owen gets the more he looks like Jake and is so obvious to me in the last picture of this post!

Also, I'll guess that they were eating spaghetti. :o)

Lora said...

Michelle beat me to it. Since the cups say "Italian Adventure" I'd also guess spaghetti. Are we right?? (Though before I could make out the cup, I was going to say chocolate ice cream.....) Whatever it is, looks like they were really enjoying it.

MadStamper said...

Sloppy Joes