Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Our Ortho visit, a bad Storm, travels, and my AGT announcement...

I actually did a double take of this photo-I thought it was Jake for a moment-the bandaid gave it away;-)

Owen had his Indy ortho consult today...

The drive down went smoothly, landing us there almost 1/2 hour early...which means we waited for 1 hour and 5 minutes before being called back and then 15 more minutes in the exam room. In the photo, Owen had just arrived and was joyful agreeing to a photo op with the "fishies" behind him. Just for perspective, his outfit is a 12 month outfit and it's obviously a bit big (but cute none-the-less). Also to note, our arms should come down to about mid-thigh-even though Owen is in clothes, you can still see how his arms are not quite to mid-thigh, but they also aren't only to his waist, which is good. Oh, and his new shoes are size fours...in infants-so hopefully we will be in toddler shoes soon as infant walking shoes are hard to find since infants shouldn't walk, he, he.

The Dr. was very nice. He didn't feel he could help us at this point but agrees that Owen's walking is "bowed" somewhat and such. He doesn't think it is CP related or anything though and he thinks it's just how Owen is made, coupled with learning to walk with a big ole noggin. So, he offered to see him yearly and watch him closely but reassured me that we are doing all we can with PT and orthotics.


Quite the storm passed through Tuesday morning-complete with house rattling thunder, terrifying lightening strikes,flooding rains and damaging winds.

It was just Saturday that I photographed my prized sunflowers...I am sad to report the following as a result of the storm:

Surveying the damage:

I think we may be able to salvage 1 stalk...out of 10+...isn't that sad? They were actually blown over and pulled up at the roots.

I must admit-we really needed the rain but whoa...I really wish the sunflowers had made it. I am thankful that the damage stopped there and our (nor our neighbors) properties were damaged (I know this sentence is full of grammatical errors-ugh).


Later this week we are off to Wisconsin to see my mom-Grama Becca, as the boys call her. We are all so excited to visit for one last hoorah before school starts. They have a boat and will take the boys fishing...I get sea sick just looking at small floating vessels so please pray that the Rx I got for sea sickness helps;-) I also get to see my baby sis Amanda and my BIL Jason-they just celebrated their one year anniversary;-)


And onto my addiction: TV...

I followed Kim's blog this winter as she commentated (is that a word?) on American Idol. I know I will not be in the same realm as her with satisfying commentary, but I think I will do my own commentary re: America's Got Talent-loving referred to herein as AGT. This Thursday night the top 40 will be revealed and I plan to tell you all what I think about it...I must be honest-I already have my favorites. So do I have any fellow readers/watchers who will come out (delurk???) and join my plans to "commentate" each week??? Please join me...you know you want to. Come on....c'mon-please. So I'll start my rant now...but tune in Thursday night at 9:30pm on nbc to see the top 40. Join me, the 3 fab judges-Sharon Osborne (who I really enjoy her sweet candor that she brings to the platform plus, she is credited with creating and producing the first reality celebrity TV show-but I never saw it;-), David Hasselhoff (who incidentally is in the Guinness book of world records for being the most watched TV star in the world-I mean-who can go wrong with Knight Rider and Baywatch?), and Piers Morgan (who was so fab in my show The Apprentice-even though I wanted Trace Atkins to win;-). Plus, my man Simon Cowell is the executive producer so really, who can go wrong???


Lindsay said...

I have to agree that the judging/producing talent on AGT is quite fantastic. I love Piers Morgan AND Simon Cowell. :) Alas, I am not a fan of the show. I'm not much for looking for diamonds in the rough. :)

I'm sorry about your sunflowers. They were looking so nice that it really is quite sad. :(

On a happier note, Owen is looking really good to me. Of course, my daughter is still in twelve month size and infant shoes, as well. I know she's three months younger than Owen, though, so I swear I'm not minimalizing what you're facing. I guess he's just so darn cute that it's hard for me to see past that. :) I'll be praying that the PT continues to make a difference, and I'm also praying that Little O just starts to shoot up and surprise your socks off! :)

Destini said...

Owen is completely adorable, and doing quite well! He looks "big" to me, but hey, Trace has achondroplasia, so my perception of proportions are way off. Although I don't watch AGT and I think that Hasselhoff is totally cheesy, I do love Sharon Osboure and Piers is entertaining. I do love the Apprentice, and I also really wanted Trace Atkins to win!

amy f. said...

Owen looks PRECIOUS!! Alex had that exact same outfit when he was younger. He looked so cute in it, too.

I'm sorry, I cannot watch America's Got Talent. I've tried, on several occasions. I usually don't last through two performers, or so. I just think it's bad t.v. I mean, I love seeing an occasional amazing performer who really touches me, but I feel like they're few and far between on the show. Maybe it's just because I haven't watched enough of it, I don't know. I don't like David Hasselhoff...that's one of my issues with it, too. Anyway, I hope we can still be friends!! I'll still read your commentaries, but I don't know how much I'll get out of it since I'm not a fan.

Oh, and I see how you thought Owen was Jake for just a second. I see it, too!

The Goodman's said...

I love watching AGT. Unfortunately with it coming on at 9:30 tonight I am not sure I will be able to watch all of it. I tend to fall asleep on the couch around that time these days. They say I should get a lot of rest now because in just a few days I am going to need all the energy I can find. I will however do my best to continue to watch the show, I enjoy seeing many of the acts. I just hope nothing good is on with the Olympics at the same time.

Kara Townsend said...

okay, okay... i'll watch it and post my thoughts :) I have to admitt that the odd female like, tall giant of a man who wore garder belts put me a bit over the edge (he was on a few seasons ago...) But, it was very cool when that harmonica playing kiddo from Lafayette made it to the finals. I'll go ahead and make a prediction- someone will win it who plays an instrument or sings!
Owers is so cute!!!
love ya,