Saturday, August 02, 2008

A neat day and a new toy!

So much to many pics (and some video too;-)! First off, I was able to go out today for the afternoon to a pool party with women from my Bible Study group called Heart to Heart, a ministry of Elston Family Church. It was a delightful time. Awesome company, awesome yum-yums, super unbelievably awesome yard-courtesy of Katie who apparently has one of the neatest (and best kept secrets) yards and most talented hubby ever;-). Oh, and the pool-WOW! So here are some shots: Me under water saying "cheese";-) I asked the girls for a splashing picture and first they splashed me;-( But then I got them to splash the water...Amy (left) thought I was a dork;-) My fav pic I took-Jessica agreed to go under and let me take her picture and it turned out so cute...understandably I was not allowed to shoot too many bathing suit pics of us flabby mommas;-) Kara's pretty nails;-) Katie's beautiful diving board and flag:-) Six hot mommas on one gorgeous day! Six hot mommas being sassy-I mean splashy;-)! Me taking the plunge! Hot tub time:-) April (right) wasn't too thrilled about me having a camera at a pool party;-) Gotcha! Also, there was a smudge got on the lens-oops;-) Amy enjoying the jets;-) Here is some video footage:

Are you wondering anything right now? Like "Oh my goodness, what's with your camera?". I'm glad you asked...Well, it's my new toy;-)! Ya-who! Isn't it cool? I'm not well versed in cameras but what I know about it is, it has a moderate price point and as far as functions go, it is water proof to 30ish feet and shock/crush proof. It's freeze proof too but I don't forsee that being a feature I use too often;-). It has cruddy zoom but tons o' megapixels-like 10 or something crazy! So, it was a great day and here's how I ended it-thanks again Katie for the tomaters! Yep, home grown Fried green tomatoes! Yum-o! Lastly, here's a bunch of other random photos I've shot with this camera as I played with different features, etc. I won't label each one for time's sake but you can see that the boys have a renewed hobby (puzzles), my sunflowers are out of control, we were trying out the action mode with the boys jumping and Owen is as ornery as ever;-)

Have a blessed Sunday!


April said...

So funny!! I am seriously laughing so hard. I was afraid I had woke up the kids. First of all I didn't even realize you took that. You are so in trouble!! :)

I love, absolutely LOVE the underwater video of you swimming!!! And the music, how did you get it to do that? I love putting together stuff like that! I told my husband that I found a new toy I want! ;) he said to tell you thanks! I won't be allowed on any more outings. LOL

OK so seriously, the camera took really nice pictures. I'm impressed. Definitely a great buy.

Today was definitely fun!

Kara Townsend said...

Hey cute!! I love this post! What a lovely day it was and I sooooo loved you being there as our on-site photographer. I'm still working on that syncronized swimming routine.....
love ya,

Kara Townsend said...

Wait a sec! I just reviewed those pics again and I thought you said there were no pictures of our flabby bods??? Check out the background of Jess's picture??
How funny!!!

amy f. said...

Um, I thought I said I would need to approve any pictures that end up on the blog. I'm thinking others are feeling the same way, huh. Eww...I do not care for how fat I look...just my face and upper body even, ugh. I like the picture of Kara's nails. I had a good time yesterday. I'm really glad I came out (of hiding?) for it.

I'm very impressed by Tim and TJ accomplishing that huge puzzle. And those fried green tomatoes look so good. I've never tried before, but have always wanted to.

Jessica said...

I thought you got me with my eyes open, oh well. I love the pictures. It was fun, moms getting a chance to be silly and carefree.

I haven't had fried green tomatoes in a long time. Ketchup? I only put salt on them. I might have to make some now.

Looks like your having fun with your camera!

ang said...

Love the pics! I am sorry I missed out on the fun!!!
Glad you all had a great time!!

Kim said...

What a cool new toy! I am in love with my camera but it is totally not as cool as yours. I am a little jealous! Enjoy it and many happy memories!

How Life Is Measured said...

OK - If I'm sitting here going "I can't believe how big Owen Elijah is getting!" I can't imagine what you are thinking!.
Looks like a great camera. Thoroughly enjoyed the post!