Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hermit crabs and stuff

What were the kids eating contest continues: there have been no correct guesses yet. The cups were apparently a decoy (we save cups from restaurants and reuse them-doesn't everyone?). Keep guessing...

I said I would share more about the hermit crabs TJ got recently when we visited my mom up North.

Good news! They are still alive! I was a little worried as we got them from a mall kiosk thingy and the fella working gave my mom "a really good deal" (aka she was snowed). Before she knew it her little purchase of one hermit crab and a small shack turned into 2 crabs and a Crabby Mansion completely decked out with a climbing tree, duel shell feeding station, two addt'l shells for the crabs to "grow into" and more! It was a "really good deal";-).

TJ was very grateful and has since had the crabs wake him up a few mornings (these dudes are active little fellas) by the clicking sound the gravel makes as they dig in it. He's also been pinched once by the bigger one Blueno (the little one is Louno-go figure:-).

They are fascinating little creatures and we've had a lot of fun caring for them so far. If anyone has any tips or tricks, we are all ears. I have a few specific questions about them like: 1) can we change the gravel to sand? It seems like that would be quieter, and 2) can their water dish have water sitting in it or must the sponge be in there to keep them from drowning? Just wondering.

My sister Heather thinks they look gross like big spiders but we disagree. her kids want them really bad-maybe I should get them for them for Christmas-he, he evil cackle...would serve her right for almost never reading this blog.

Speaking of sisters-the other whiner sister (who I'm going on the cruise with soon) Amanda was complaining to me that I didn't put any pictures of her in the post where I recapped our WI trip- but there is one of her pushing one of the boys so one, she's wrong. But, at least she reads the blog and I think she's beautiful so here's a lovely picture of her and Owen from that trip and a second one of just her as well:-) Whiner...

Also, when we visited, my mom has a lady who does her nails and has done them since I was on bedrest and she became quite fond of Jacob when he stayed with mom for 2 months. Anyway, she was hoping to get to see him when we visited but we didn't make it in to visit. She had a special gift for Jake-a packers Jersey! So here are some cute pics of him showing off in his jersey.


April said...

I have to agree with Heather, I think they look like spiders too. Sorry. We used to have crabs when I was little and I remember them getting out and finding one in my shoe. Never will I have crabs. But good luck to you. :)

It did remind me though about your frogs. Mason keeps asking for more animals and thats a great idea. I'd love to know more about how to get them.

It sounds like you guys have been quite busy and you'll be heading to your new job soon. I am missing you guys like crazy. Play date before you go back to work??


JayGarcia said...

Hey there, my son also has a mild form of acon, the primary reason of reading your blog. ;)

Anyway, I noticed the hermit crabs - dead cute. (Though, we keep two harmless tarantulas, so maybe I'm biased ;)

You can keep them in sand instead of gravel, but soak it (about 1 or 2 inches worth) in salted water overnight, then drain the water.

Also, you can have a water dish full, as crabs like to take "baths", they like to almost submerse themselves, so again about 1-2inches worth, depending on their size. Make sure its fresh water though, not salted.

One more thing, hermit crabs love corn tortilla chips! ;)

The Valiant Family Updates said...

I'm wondering about the soaking the sand in salt water and then draining it-how does one do that? And need it dry first before putting it in the hut?

Also, why do they drink fresh water vs have the sand in salt water? Just wondering;-)

Thanks for the chip tip;-)

JayGarcia said...

I used to use 2 water bottles. One of those ones with the little suction cap on? I have no idea how better to describe what I mean! (Not one of those ones where you "pop" the lip) Then I'd just squeeze the bottle till all the water was out. It doesn't matter if theres a little water in it, it will soon evaporate out.

Yes, it will have to dry a little otherwise it will "pack" (like beach sand near the water) and you won't be able to spread it around the tank.

Because you can overdose them on salt. ;)

You're welcome. They also like plain salted popcorn too!

Kim said...

LOVE the pictures! The faces and just precious.
Preston watches Little Einsteins and LOVEs the episode with the hermit crabs. Now in the cartoon the hermit crab gets swept into the ocean and he does live...but then again it is a cartoon but they are supposed to be smart little kids, so who knows!