Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hmmm...not-so interesting

This is how I've felt lately. Just ho-hum and not-so interesting. Cat's recent blog titled Uninspired kinda sums it up-except, I've had lots of things to inspire posts, just no motivation to blog. Ok, so maybe that's not very similar but she got a hyperlink;-).

I'm irritated that not many played my "guess what the boys were eating contest". (Thanks to Lora (no blog) and Michelle for guessing;-). Just being honest. I'm apparently not very successful with blog games, but my blog's intent was never to illicit comments and guesses, I suppose. It was meant to convey info about our life changing pregnancy with Owen and then to update and inform about his health. And now, it's largely my "Digital Scrapbook" of sorts.

So, I ask myself, "self, why do you get irritated when people don't comment or play along with your games"? I also ask myself, "self, why would you be less than inspired about Jake's first day of preschool a week ago that you didn't blog, or about TJ's hermit crabs changing shells, or Owen's crazy hair, or his MD appt update, or his horrendous diaper rash, or your current love for the college ministry you are volunteering in (the College ABF/PBF), or your Bible study starting back up soon (Heart to heart), or your sister's new puppies-Shnorky's (yes, a combo of yorkies and Schnauzers), or starting your new job and how you have been able to help out a little bit already, and so on"!

"Seriously", self, "what's your problem?".

Did anyone but me follow that exchange? It's ok if you didn't. I hope you all still love me even when I's the much overdue post about my previous week:-)

Jake's 1st day of preschool 2008:

Hermit crab update:

No pics but BIG news...on Sunday morning Blueno changed shells! We were all ecstatic because it is really cool when your pet does what it is supposed to do:-) Then, ya know what? Today, Louno changed shells too! Louno took ownership of Blueno's old shell so I hope Blueno doesn't get buyers remorse and try to evict smaller Louno;-( I ordered more shells that are bigger of varying sizes so hopefully they'll come quick and the crabbies will have more options to try on;-)

On to Owen:

So much to say about the lil' guy. I won't have/make time to post a 22 month report on the 3rd so I'll post now what I know about the lil' stinker. He was seen by his pedi Friday and weighed in at 19 pounds 7 ounces and was 30 and some inches long. Yes! He is growing (some). He recommended carnation instant breakfast to pack on extra calories and see if that helps bring him up on the height for weight comparison charts. For his height he should weigh 21 1/2 to 23 1/2 to fall within a healthy range. That is our focus for him since he's not following an age appropriate growth chart for height or we'll see how this goes-oh I should mention-he's having NO part of the Carnation in either chocolate OR vanilla and now has trust issues with us regarding his "spiked" milk;-)

About his hair-it's crazy. Naturally spiked. Cute as can be though:-) I wet it down, flatten it down and as soon as it dries-POP, straight up, finger in a light socket style.

We've also been really struggling with diaper rash for over a week now. He did a trial couple days in daycare and they called me within the first couple hours to tell me his bottom was bleeding and is this normal...uh, no;-). So we have some really expensive Rx cream and have tried to let it air out as often as possible but he pees and poos sans diaper so with diaper (and rash we will go;-).

He is talking like a magpie and so animated. He scrunches up his nose and says Noooooo a lot! He also sings and dances tons. He blows the BEST kisses with a real smooch sound and he still talks on the phone enough to need a headset to avoid neck damage;-).

He will continue PT and DT while at childcare. And tomorrow is his first REAL day-8 to 5 baby! Oh my! The funny thing is-Owen is the kid who whales when we leave him at the church nursery etc. He always stops quickly but he starts clinching me before we even walk into the nursery. Well, since he now goes to childcare in the same spot as the Church nursery is, he just waltzed right in Sunday, shut the door behind him and waved bye. So long momma! Oh well;-)

So, yes, that means my FIRST official day is tomorrow. I'll work a whole 4 days and then go on vacation-don't hate me;-) We are gearing up and have plans in place for the hermies and frogs oh, and Owen. Jake and TJ will come with us though;-)

And not to cut this post short but it is getting late and this post has taken me 2 days to write it (sad-I know).

Wish me well on my first day!


Emily said...

I'm excited for an update on your life. I really do check in often. I'm sorry I didn't play along with your game. :( I'm glad that Owen is enjoying childcare. :) It's so nice when you know they like it and don't cry for you. BearHug is doing a good job 90% of the time in the nursery now, though there are mornings when Randy goes longer that BearHug gets antsy. :) That's okay, though. My mom has started feeding BearHug carnation instant b-fast, and he actually loves it. Of course, his list of foods he like is small enough to fit on my hands, so I promise I'm not bragging about that one. We're still having trouble even trying a banana or any fruit or veggie not pureed, though chicken nuggets, etc. are fine. Anyway, this is a pointless comment, except to say that I'm glad you posted. And, when I feel inspired, I'll post again, too. Love to you.

The Baker Family said...

Good luck today! I hope you have fun. I can't wait to hear all about it!

April said...

Good luck on your first day!! I can't wait to hear about it either. It sounds like you have had a busy week this past week. Lots going on! It was so good to get to see you and talk on Sunday.

See ya tomorrow!

amy f. said...

Lora would be my mom.

Jake is too cute and proud on his first day of school :-) The college ministry sounds really cool. I hope your work day has been going well!

I enjoyed seeing you Sunday, munching on your yummy cupcakes and green bean casserole, and snuggling sweet Owen.

See you Wednesday :-)