Monday, March 02, 2009

29 weeks & the great sock revelation

So, it's true...I missed another weekly update (last THURSDAY!!!) when I turned the big 29 weeks along. Why do I torture myself with such expectations of at least weekly posts? Well, I guess it's because this is my journal so to speak, and the least I could do is update it once a week.

I really had nothing to report about being 29 weeks along-aside from being pretty darn uncomfortable (but realistic that 2 more months of discomfort is so worth a healthy baby;-). I also took a couple belly pics-nope you won't find them here-if that doesn't put a 4th time mom in a bad mood, then nothing will. What a cow...and I so look further along than 29 weeks (more like 49 weeks;-).

I have an appt and Ultrasound this Wednesday so, maybe I'll have more to report.

Lastly, I've had a revelation. Yes, I'm truly a genius and a quick one at that. I've realized that I'm about to be the mom of 4, yes, count them FOUR boys. And for some reason, each time I do laundry I find myself making excuses for not sorting their socks. Then, I find myself irritated when I go into the laundry room and see socks all over the floor (instead of in the laundry basket where I left them). Why are the socks on the floor? Because, I have 2 boys who are old enough to go get their socks out of the laundry basket when they find their sock drawers are empty (again) and they need socks.

I *HATE* when their socks don't match, but I may hate even more to sort their socks. Now, you must know, I really don't like it when people use the *Hate* but, in this case, it really fits well. So, as I was sitting on my bed with a big laundry basket full of socks, etc today, I had a revelation...I can actually BUY socks that are white but different enough in each of their sizes and say maybe 10-12 pairs of them for each of them so I don't have to sort socks...I'll throw out all the old dingy ones (yes, I know there are sockless children in China-get off my back, I'm hormonal and on the verge of a sock induced breakdown!) and just BUY new ones-voila-genius! Plus, when it comes time to put away the laundry, I can say, ok-TJ has all the blue bottom socks, Jake has all the gray bottom ones, and Owen has the ALL white ones-no more matching 2 socks and making the crazy little sock pair balls! Can you imagine such a glorious thing?

Why did this silly idea take me so long to come up with??? Please, please-no one burst my bubble that this plan won't work. I've even realized that with such a clever plan, I'll more easily be able to *yell* at which ever little demon took their elusive socks off and left them lying wherever-just by glancing at the color...

So, it's off to get TJ from school and go sock shopping-wish me luck;-)


Mission asockplished (get it?-accomplished:-)...well mostly- Target, the store Jake picked, did not have acceptable Owen sized socks, so TJ ended up with 9 new pair and Jake 10 pair, for the low price of $45-because who really goes to Target and doesn't pick up the sale soda, 2 clearanced pair of shorts for $1.48 each, a bit o sweets for the momma, and some dinner items?;-)

Here they are in all their crisp, clean and easily matchable glory:

A BIG P.S. For those of you who could not figure it out...the baby's name will be Griffin Isaiah and the way to figure it out was that the first letter of each of the bible verses spelled out his name-the letters were in BOLD but the pink didn't turn out so bold. Thanks to all those who complimented the name (unlike my step-dad who barked in the background when I told my mom-poo on you Pa-paw Andy!).


It's a beautiful day! said...

I like the name:-)...i was a little slow and didn't figure it out from the last post!

Kandie Stilwell said...

I love the sock idea!! I have given up turning their socks right side out! I leave the socks until last since I don't like that job either. Unforturnately the white sock idea doesn't work for my girls. My kids are old enough to do their own socks...some day my friend, yours will be too.

Destini said...

I love the name choice - and great sock shopping! I buy the Hanes socks - they have different colors for different sizes and for boys/girls, so it makes it much easier to sort!