Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feeling lucky?

TJ sure is...he found a 4 leaf clover today-I didn't have my camera and it wilted already (I think) but what a good sighted little boy (he's 9).

And to continue with my St. Patrick's day ranting, here are pix from my efforts:

My dinky doozies and jigglers:

The cutest leprechaun:

Such a BIG boy!!!:

Such a mischievous boy:

Where's Owen?

Peek-A-Boo (will this game ever get old?)

Okay, so to outline more about my getting bitten by the coupon bug:

So, I went to a ladies brunch about a month or two ago. Two ladies spoke on how they save for their families with coupons. I was sooo skeptical but I kept their ideas in the back of my mind. One mentioned the Sunday paper-which, we don't get and I rarely think to go out and get. The other mentioned a website (which I have linked below, money saving mom). I checked it out that very day but wasn't all that impressed. So, I've checked the website for a while now and finally it clicked-it is more about patience than a quick fix with couponing. I started off small with an unbeatable huggies deal-it's on and it's for $5 off gentle care products-which includes wipes!!! So, long story short, and 2 Sunday papers and many printable internet coupons later...I'm hooked. I will try to stop the insanity with sharing my hot shopping trips but here is what I spent today and how I saved (I'm able to share this because they were pretty small, quick trips and I stuck to my lists!!!).


Huggies natural wipes (2) $2.39 each ($3 off coupons from ***-most stores give you face value-I don't believe you should try to make money from coupons so when you use them, they should type in the amount and not give the full $3 off for $2.39) total FREE

Clorox bleach 1.66 (just on sale)

Snack size cheetos (1) $1.29 ($1 off coupon) total 29 cents

5 pound bag of russett potatoes (1) $2 (item was on sale and used $1 off coupon) total $1

Small loaf artisan french bread (1) FREE (item was 99 cents and I used the $1 off coupon

6 pack of Motts strawberry applesauce (1) 1.69 (I used a $1 off coupon) total 69 cents

Total paid $3.64

Meijer trip (they double coupons up to 50 cents:

2 more wipes at 2.39 each (free after coupons)

2 gentle care wipes at $5.99 each -total paid $1 each (after coupons)

Lysol wipes (2) half off deal/sales at meijer right now 4.98-minus coupons-I think from (a cleaning product website and I got the tip from real simple saving methods blog-linked to the side)

lysol toilet bowl cleaner (2) at 1.17 each (1/2 price sale plus coupon as above)

Easter colored chocolate candies from the bulk section on sale from usual $4.99 per pound to right now 99 cents per pound (for easter dinky doozies) total paid 35 cents

Lysol kitchen cleaner 1.29 (half price sale plus coupon from finish website)

lysol all purpose cleaner 1.49 (half price sale plus coupon from finish website)

2 jet dry dishwasher cleaner (sale $6 for 2 plus coupon from finish website)

2 jet dry drying agent apple scent (sale $6 for 2 plus coupon from finish website)

3 Johnsons buddies soap 1.17 each (had 2 coupons 1 for $1 off one and one for $2 off 2) paid 51 cents total on 3

my coupons were worth 26.55 (with the doubling etc) and she took them all off.

paid 16.17 total for all of this;-)

It does take a little time to get used to it but I have done most of my homework while watching AI or HGTV at night once the boys are in bed.

Hope this helped some and if you have more q's, I'll try. I don't plan on always stocking up on cleaners and such but now is a great time. If you happen to log onto and don't need the Huggies coupons, I'd love to have them-I think you can print 2 or 3 per printer;-)

I will hopefully post a good report and 32 weeks update tomorrow after my MD appt.


Michelle said...

I love using coupons! FYI - I get the Sunday Indy Star....tons more coupons than our local paper. I've been able to cut our weekly spending to almost half!! It's awesome. So far for the month of March I've only spent $158!! Normally that would only have been a weeks' worth.

Kavita Deckard said...

Alright Miss Renay - I need to get moving on this but will for sure need your help! Shot me an e mail when you have a
Need all the details, this is great!!

The Brown family said...! I spend almost 3 hours at Meijers last night. I spent $130 but saved $170!!!! I can't believe people don't shop like this. The way I see it, as mom, I need to show my kids good stewardship of their money. They always ask, "is this on sale" before they even ask if they can get it....hahaha. We need to get together sometime. I am sure the boys would love to play together.

amy f. said...

Hey, takes me to a wood finishing website....what's the actual site???