Monday, March 23, 2009

Completely aware...

I am.

I realize many of you think I've lost it...or never had it:-) Don't care...trying to survive my third trimester so here is how my day went.

My mom called this am some time after 9am...I was sleeping-Owen was playing happily in his bed (thank the GOOD Lord he loves morning time in his bed;-)

I finally got my toosh up and movin' and Owen and I headed off to get Jacob from preschool. Lunch was a FREE Roastburger with purchase of a fabulous fountain diet pepsi! As I was sitting there, I found that familiar feeling of the flood gate trying to open, but I fought it off *hard* and we quickly headed out of the store to our next destination.

Then we were off to Walgreens to pick up a prescription...I found some great deals there-lots of good clearnace items to give the boys some fun goodies in their Easter Buckets. As if I didn't learn anything from playing 64 crayon pick up last week, I got them this awesome set of 64 colored pencils with a built in sharpener on clearance. All this along with 3 packs free gum, buy 2 get 1 bubbles, free tomato soup, and 22 cent skittles and starbursts for their baskets. Walgreens (Creasy) has lots of great clearance items of randomness right now.

Then we headed off to Meijer, to see about a sale...we finished up at Meijer pretty quickly where I must say, stocking up on Ketchup, Pop tarts, peanut butter and waffles was a REALLY good deal. I also threw in some wipes and buddies soaps and made out for about $5...Tim wonders if I'm having some weird craving with the amount of PB, ketchup, waffles, and poptarts I bought.

Then, back at the ranch, I tidyed up, let the boys play outside (LOVING the fence) and I began work on a killer chili for dinner but was surprised by a spontaneous call from Kara at 5pm asking if I'd be able to escape with her for a bit and did I have any dinner coupons???...the answer was yes and yes and we totally went to TGIFridays and spent under $5 for full bellies and bladders. Here's how:

Hope the picture works-it was a sweet deal, that when you eat in the bar area and order ANY beverage, you can get a 1 cent appetizer each. Kara even sprang for me. SO , it was a fun time to chat and eat with such a good coupon;-) If the picture doesn't work and you really want to partake, I can fwd you the email that I got it from. I love deals.

Then it was back home to work (still making the schedule for CAH) and such...all in all, it was another good day:-)

FYI, the boys enjoyed their hot dinner and watching Bolt while I was gone-thank you redbox for FREE Movie Mondays!


April said...

You are really on a roll with all this coupon action...I must get in on it!! :-)