Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let's go, let's go, let's go!!!


This is what TJ chanted when we were in Mexico this past summer at an excursion off our Cruise ship. It was not a happy chant-but an irritated one as he mocked his father.

I am having a bad day (again)...but not as bad as this precious couple:

My baby sis Amanda and her beloved husband Jason (we call the BIL) were to leave on a flight for Mexico this morning.

I'd guess Amanda is not taking to heart my frugality related blog posts as she had to have her some McDonald's this morning before their arrival at the airport. Here is a snippet from the email I got from them:
Title: the $1500 egg mcmuffin

Amanda forces Jason to drive through Mc Donalds the morning of our sunny vacation, which in turn makes us arrive at the airport at our check-in post at 6:32... exactly two minutes late for our check in. Our gate is 100 yards away... but we can't get on;-(
More to come.

She may never live this down...I betcha Jason was justa runnin' and saying' "Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Necessito McDonalds? Me amo Egg McMuffin;-)

I'm lovin' it!


While I'm not sure of the exact details, I believe maybe a rickety boat ride and fun ferry ride later, there are indeed now enjoying their Cozumel resort;-)

Here's the latest email: Title-let it be known

We finally made it (only 10-12 hours later than we expected)! After two plane rides, one stinky, scary bus ride, a tulmultous ferry journey and a exhausting cab ride later-We're here. Needless to say, the now infamous egg mc muffin cost more than we ever dreamed it would (This is a story Jason enjoys to tell way too much to go into all the details here--but I made us late for our check in by two minutes because we stopped at Mc Donalds before we went to the airport).

So far, we've slept late, ate breakfast overlooking the blue carribean sea, watched people while lounging by the pool and had an early before lunch snack. Heck--we might even take a NAP next. Enjoy your day:)