Monday, March 16, 2009

Saving (and spending) is super fun! Plus going GREEN!

Tim blessed me this evening by letting me go to the grocery store all alone-I had forgotten what it was like to not go to the bakery for the "bribery" cookie, not checking the cart every 2 seconds to make sure Owen is still safe (he's like Houdini in his ability to contort his way out of the seat belt), and that my purse is in tact, and not telling the boys to quiet down and not fight the WHOLE trip. Not to mention the time savings by not having to take them to the bathroom or just have them as a distraction. Plus, there were a million crying kids-AND NONE OF THEM WERE MINE!!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share how much fun it has been to use/save/find coupons the past couple weeks. I used to not think it was worth the time and I was also a non-believer of their value since I thought I'd get things we wouldn't use-just because it was a good deal. I must say-I did get some things I otherwise wouldn't have but they were free or next to free and frankly REALLY good deals.

Here's a run down of what I got for about $60!!!

2 huge packs of huggies wipes refills
free pack of wrigleys gum
2 johnsons soap buddies for the boys (34 cents total)
39 cent mustard
glass plus
2 cans pringles
carpet spot cleaner
a huge family pack of boneless ribs
4 warm delights for Tim (45 cents each)
2 tubes of free crest
baby carrots
sour cream
bag of ready to eat salad
lysol cleaner
kitchen cleaner
lysol bathroom cleaner
lysol toilet cleaner
lysol all purpose cleaner
4 bags of Dominos powdered sugar
shampoo and conditioner-herbal essence I think
old english cleaner
pledge wipes
6 packages of various fruit by the foot, fruit roll ups etc.
2 boxes electrosol dishwashing detergent
3 cases diet pepsi;-) guilty pleasure-caff free of course;-)
2 jars applesauce
2 cake mixes

Isn't that awesome??? I would've taken a picture of it all but I thought tat might be over the top;-) It would've all been over $125 if I'd have not had coupons plus the sales. I'm sure I could've spent less but we won't need cleaners now forever plus some of the items (like the fruit roll-ups and warm delights) were things I usually wouldn't have bought.

I also have plans for tomorrow to make the boys "double doozies" which are cookie sandwiches (I'm using tollhouse break apart minis with green m&m's) with iciing in the middle-yum! I'm also making green jiggles and maybe pistachio pudding. Our meal will be turkey loaf (not gross like it sounds;-), green mashed potatoes, and green peas-believe it or not-one of my fams fav meals.

I'm actually going to make a yummy lunch too-baked ribs, parmesan noodles, and salad with Olive garden italian dressing.

So that's how I'm going green tomorrow;-) How bout you?

Thanks to everyone for playing the Griffin game so far...there's still time to vote!


amy f. said... please share how you get all of the free stuff (and from Meijer)??? And where do you often get coupons from? You really got some great deals...I'm impressed.

Your St. Patty's Day meal and treats sound really yummy. I think the only festive thing we're doing today is getting a Shamrock shake from McD's. Have fun!

Kavita Deckard said...

Okay Renay - you have to share because I need to start shopping like income is getting harder and harder to live off of!
And I do love your green meal! So creative!!!

The Brown family said...

Welcome to the coupon world. It's so easy to get hooked. I hardly ever buy stuff without a coupon now (including eating out, hair cutting, groceries, etc) I know what's a good deal and stock up like crazy when the sales align with my coupons. Check out for their Meijer forum. It lays it all out....what's on sale and if there is a coupon. It makes it easy. Don't forget coupons. You can pair them with Manu. for greater savings! I have gotten alot of people hooked, which helps me cause they share things I might have otherwised missed!