Monday, March 30, 2009

A special gift and clumsy me (again)...

Look what I was blessed with today:

Isn't it precious? My wonderful friend and coworker Jessi made this for Griffin. It's so adorable and SOFT and it's HUGE! I held back tears as she gave it to me. It is the perfect gift (and she already gave me a bundle of cute clothes, sleepers, etc for him). Thank you dear friend-I can't express how much this gift means to me-now stay by your cell phone so I can reach you when the Griffster decides he needs his blankie;-) (I have asked her to be on call for me to be my nurse when labor strikes).

I made a yummy dinner was marinated broiled steak (remember the free steak purchase?). I've never marinated and broiled steak, so this was a first. I was so glad it turned out. We were sitting down as a family and everyone was talking about their day, etc when out of no where steak sauce is flying in all directions. Why and how was this happening you may wonder? Well, I apparently am all thumbs lately (remember the Taco Bell pink shirt destruction post?) hand slipped off my fork as I was loading it for a nice big bite and my hand landed in the teaspoon of steak sauce on my plate-splattering it from here to there-seriously, no appliance was spared-no surface immune to my splattering-including my shirt and neck. TJ was concerned and asked what happened...Tim started laughing hysterically. Ha, ha. So funny.

Then, after dinner, my marathon working session with making my unit's schedule continued until I went to check TJ's work for a project...the poor kid worked all evening on it and the stinkin' computer locked up and it was all GONE! So sad. I'm glad today wasn't a crying day;-)


amy f. said...

The quilt is beautiful...and it does look huge :-) Wish I had the ability to create like that. What a blessing to receive it.

Destini said...

What an awesome quilt, and an amazing friend! Steak sauce disaster, totally something that would happen to me too!