Wednesday, March 25, 2009

33 weeks and more deals...

I am warped...

I have hidden links for coupons in here-but hurry, some expire 3-28-09:-)

I may be more excited about my deals I found today than being 33 whoppin' weeks along. What a journey it has been. I'm physically pretty good-current complaints would be some severe cramping in my legs, feet and hips. Kinda like charlie horses.

So emotionally-not so stable;-) I went to Taco Bell last night for was a disaster. The line of cars was to the road, so I *ran* in. The line had 2 people in front of me but 3 waiting for food. 15 minutes later, I was walking out with my order. To which I ravishingly opened as I was driving away to feel a strange "wetness" on my favorite-just-about-the-only-thing-that-still-"fit" pink shirt...yay-grease. So much that Owen asked me when I got home-"mommy messy?"...yep-she is.
Here was the pink shirt-and this was like 3-4 weeks ago:

Anyway, back track to ordering. I ordered (no I am not exaggerating) 2 meximelts-easy beef (which means LESS meat), and a cinnamon twist-plus ONE fountain drink. The order taking gal says "for here or to go?"- if you can even believe this-she said, "of course, I'd be surprised if you could eat all that by yourself". Ugh! the nerve!!! Is she serious? It was like ordering 2 tacos and chips-that's not gluttony! Agree with me here-it's not, right? Well, imagine my surprise (not really) that the stupid meximelts were made with EXTRA freakin' beef (yuck) and the whole shirt thing was just gravy-man! Can you believe she said that?

And back to the pregnancy update, if I twittered or the like, I could probably pretty much tweet a false alarm or two each day. Last night, I soooo almost went into the hospital since I was sure the contractions wouldn't stop and yesterday, all I did was rest-*read*, sat my lazy hiney all the couch pretty much all day, using poor sick Jakey as the excuse*.

But, today I'm still pregnant and the contractions have been at bay so it was off to search for more great deals. I promise I am *not* bragging-I am instead totally stoked at how good of deals can be found when a little good ole fashioned patience and research are utilized---God is so good;-)

Here we go: Target-

$14.57 was the total of my receipt!!!
How? Of course you knew I'd explain...
Of interest would be-free steak (2)-it was not only on sale, but I had a coupon.
Free artisan bread (2)-again, coupon for $1 was 99 cent bread!
The bill should've been about $60...literally only one item was bought that I did not have a coupon for and that was the little travel pack of band aids-these little gems by nexcare are the bomb...I couldn't not get them for 99 cents. They stick like mad and to date are the only product I can find that Owen will leave on-he is quite the picker when he has a boo-boo. These have a cute cars theme and I'll keep them in my purse.

Up next Walmart:

I needed a white colored TV cable, and I had a return so I decided to see how I could do (weired sounding sentence, eh?) My cable was $6.88. Jake has been with cough and fever for 2 days so I decided to spoil him with his *choice* of Popsicles-I couldn't coerce him into a sale item so he picked super heros ones for $3.48...if you're following along, that's over $10. Guess how much I paid for all the items in the photo? $11.01!!! Wa-who. The cereal was free, so was the mascara from the beloved ALL You mag and I even couldn't resist grabbing a 2nd copy (it was $2.24 minus 50 cent coupon) and I'll get another free mascara out of it, plus a few other can't pass up deals.
Here's what Jake thinks of his coupon cuttin' ma-ma:

He did his own hair today:-)

I will really try to stop the madness of the coupon posts. *I'll try*.


Catie said...

The nerve of that taco bell worker! I could eat all of that plus some;) Don't stop the coupon posts...I love them and I am learning a lot from you!

Katie said...

If that is a lot of food then I must be a big ol piggo when I visit Taco Bell! Seriously! For one you are can eat an entire house and still be hungry and two it's totally none of her business and three I eat way more and i'm not even expecting!

Love your great deals! I really wish i could do it!