Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tidbits for Tuesday

It doesn't feel like a Tuesday for me but I am struck with lots of random thoughts so, here's insight into my simple thoughts -in no particular order:

St. Patrick's day: It's just a week away...and I'm not Irish. However, after reading a post from friend Amy (see link below)-or since I couldn't find it, maybe it was a facebook entry regarding her inspiring V-day ideas, I'm looking for creative things (low to no cost) to do on St Patricks day. Obviously, I can think of green milk, green mashed potatoes and green jigglers-but if you think of other fun things, please leave a comment (or email me) so I can make St Patty's day special.

Crafts-on a similar note, I am looking for other fun, easy crafts to fill our rainy and boring days with...nothing high cost but maybe something proven that is not your typical cookie baking, play dough making (which I believe is of the devil;->, etc type stuff.

Deals-do you shop for super deals or free after rebate stuff? I thought this would be fun to get into but I'm finding it to be time consuming and irritating because the items are often out when I go to get them. I called Tim today to ask him what his definition of One per purchase was and I got an earful! Boy was he ticked. Apparently, their are lots of people in Lafayette (and probably everywhere) who will take a coupon or rebate and buy up everything the store has, daily at times and not leaving any for anyone else. The reason that I am ticked about this also is because we went to this place called Trader Bucks Flea Market Saturday and found out where all this free after rebate, etc stuff goes-they snatch it up and resale it...I'm all about first come first served, but come on! How selfish and rude. Since I'm on my soap box, I'll say, it's people like this that make things like coupons and Internet deals a fleeting idea.

Amy-As I mentioned above, my friend Amy is a creative and sweet momma to Alex (a buddy of Jake's) who I have mentioned here before...you may remember her as being Lydia's mommy...anyway-she had a very neat post last night and the picture says it all-such heart warming photo!

Seat belts/Toyota-As a preface, all is fine, but, I was rear-ended yesterday. I was taking TJ to school from a dental appt and bam! a young lady was not paying attention and hit us while we were stopped at a red light. My initial (very pregnant) reaction was to start crying...she hit us quite hard and I was in shock. Not literally and we are all very thankful that no obvious damage was done to the van, nor any of us (it was me, TJ and Owen in the van) but it definitely made me think about the brevity of life and how things can change in an instant. It reminded me t be grateful for a super safe vehicle (Thanks Toyota!) and for seat belts-I'm shocked mine didn't leave strap marks it pulled so hard across my belly...we did not need to seek medical care or anything but it was scary.

Pilgrim project-TJ has a project for school where he had to pick from a list of historical figures...I'd guess he'd pick Washington or Lincoln or someone really well recognized-but noooo...he picked *MILES STANDISH* -my first thought-who the heck was Miles Standish? Do you know without googling him? Well, he was a Pilgrim and part of the assignment is to make a 3-D project that represents the figure...what? How will he (read I;-) pull that one off? Well, I asked his teacher for ideas because I really want *him* to "do" the project...so she gave me some brilliant ideas and really got my creativity going. TJ is working on making a garden plot because Miles apparently grew food to feed his fellow pilgrims (though t what he was primarily known for) and it is a project he can do almost solely on his own. We also shopped at Goodwill for "pilgrim" clothes because he is supposed to dress up as Miles for a speech. All he still needs is a pilgrim type hat. If you have any great ideas that aren't construction paper related, let me know...it needs to be durable enough to make it thru a whole day of school and I know my Teej...a paper hat won't make it out the door:-) Oh, and we are looking for ideas for a red beard as Miles apparently had a red beard-anyone?

AI: Was anyone else relieved that Crapiana was not chosen for the top 12...can you believe that I'm so slow on the uptake that I didn't even realize the judges chose 4 wild card contestants instead of just the 3 that they were supposed to choose to make 12 (VS the final 13 they now have). The picks were ok, but a little surprising. Looking forward to tonight's round and of course Kim's following blog post about her thoughts regarding the episode-she's a riot;-)

Sling: I'm still looking for sling advice. I purchased the munchkin one from Walmart.com (it is a one piece, no straps or clips). It doesn't feel right-it seems way small and snug-not just comfy for baby, but SNUG. So, please send more advice;-)

Well, Tim has arrived home so we will heat up some de-lish BBQ from Sams...looking forward to any comments about my tidbits;-)


Destini said...

I love the rant! As far as St Pattys Day, you could do cool handprint four leaf clovers of the boys (of course you would have to get out evil green fingerpaint). And for a sling, I tried like 5 different ones with Trace (we didn't know he had achon), and hated them all. My favorite thing in the world was my Baby Bjorn Air Carrier. I was sooooo sad when Trace outgrew it! Super easy to put on and put the kiddo in, plus it works on little ones too.

It's a beautiful day! said...

I try to the super deals and coupons, but it is time consuming, I usually just look for deals at stores I shop at and don't go out of my way for the other stuff. I figure time is money:) Here is a sight for Miejer deals that is updated each week and she figures out all the coupon and rebate stuff for you! I also have started using the online store coupons for target at target.com (there is a button way at the bottom of the page where no one can see it). Sometimes the coupons correspond w/ sales too and that is helpful.(last week I got a steak for .04 cents!) If you are going to be making a big grocery purchase at Meijer..if have a $6.00 off $80 grocery purchase you can have:-)

Kavita Deckard said...

Renay - look up the peanut shell sling on line....I love mine and could carry Neela in it for a long time and it didn't hurt. The first time you put it on it feels weird and when you first put the baby in it - you would think it wouldn't be comfortable, but they love it!
They sell them at Target, but you can purchase online too, they have great patterns!
Hope all is well and you are feeling okay! Take care!
Miss ya

amy f. said...

As far as St. Patty's Day (which I'm not nearly as into doing themed food as V-day, but go at it...), just look up ideas. Here are some good ones, I thought:


Pistachio or mint chip pudding or ice cream...yum! Zucchini cooked with dinner or zucchini bread, mmm... You could always do corn beef and cabbage (but, boy, would that make pregnant me so gassy!!).

Is Crapiana really someone's name or are you putting your own spin on it??

I don't have any sling ideas for you. This girl, whose blog I read, would have excellent advice for you. She's a sweetie, too. She's all about the baby-wearing and I think I'll consult her eventually as well.

Sorry to hear you were rear-ended, but so glad everyone's fine and no damage even, wow!

Thanks for the pregnancy mention. I actually did not officially know I was pregnant that day we met for lunch...I found out that weekend though! And as far as the "how'd we find out story," it's not exciting at all and doesn't feel blog-worthy to me, although I'm sure I've blogged about much more boring things in the past!

I think that's about it :-) And a long enough comment!