Thursday, March 19, 2009

32 weeks update

It was a boo-who type of day. I had my MD appt this am and had to take the boys with me, which is misery. It really is so fun to crawl around an office floor and pick up an entire 64 pack of crayons...really.

So, I felt the welling of tears as I waited...and waited...and waited for the MD to come in. I was, however, thankful that we were called back to an exam room quickly so we didn't disturb every woman receiving care in the office building waiting room for long.

I had a long list of things to talk to my MD about, including the rumors of his departure this summer. I couldn't even get out the sentence without bawling like a baby. Then, it was like a broken faucet-I just couldn't turn off the tears the rest of the day. I have managed to be less "red-faced" tonight while we had a VERY old, very hard of hearing lady here notarizing our refinancing loan/mortgage thingy-my wonderful husband (truly) has followed all this stuff forever and got us a super sweet mortgage rate, etc (things I am clueless on). I don't want to get old.

So, the appt update goes like this:

I am apparently a sleeping pill junkie. My MD said I'm fine and we both believe I will be able to sleep again once the bay is born (ha, ha, ha) -at least without sleep aides, but my insurance company doesn't think I need more Ambien-poo on them.

There is a test routinely done on pregnant women at 36 weeks called GBS and I asked about how early you can get it (if it's positive or if you go untreated, you may receive antibiotics in labor and the baby gets blood draws) I found out that it is good for 4-5 weeks and then they just retest, but due to my crying, he forgot to do it today so I'll get it in 2 weeks when I return-on April Fool's day, more good fun. I also will receive a non-stress test (monitoring of the baby's heart rate) and an ultrasound for growth that day...I will definitely have childcare for that marathon visit!!!!

I measured 34 WEEKS! I feel every bit of it too! He examined my cervix and tried to figure out if Griffin is head down-he thought so (*PRAISE*) but from the feel of the exam-I don't think my cervix was too concerning yet;-)

When they do a pelvic exam that give you a sheet to cover up with. The way the chairs in the room are positioned are up near ones head and that's where the boys were sitting. When the doctor entered the room with his nurse, Jacob covered his eyes and said "I can't watch, I can't watch!" We were all so tickled. I assured him that I was covered by the sheet and that the MD was just checking on Griffin (sounds reasonable, right?). Everyone got a quite a chuckle as I tried to make jokes like the doctor doesn't want to watch either, good thin there's nothing to see here and I gave Jake a hard time saying we still shower together (rarley but sometimes) funny and sensitive a day it was all around!

When being weighed, I took off my jacket and shoes today and that helped me to only have them record 1 pound gained over the past 2 weeks;-)

He also decided to give me a round of steroid injections to help he baby's lungs mature in case he decides to arrive before 37 weeks (very likely) and I think the nurse who was in charge of getting this done had never done ANY of it before as I ended up being sent to the hospital for the injection...waiting for that verdict was hell on earth in a 8 x 8 room with tile floors and like 20 foot echoey ceilings and my 2 boys. Jacob had a melt down and said he didn't care about anyone but himself (ahhh the honesty of a confined 5 year old).

Then we went over to the hospital for the injection (oh, the one that feels like you are getting a bone marrow biopsy from your "hip" *read BUTT*-that took another marathon wait, with two very over "smartie" fed boys. They rearranged the lobby furniture and dusted the floors with their clothes and I found myself still unable to contain the flood gates. Even the manager of the intake area came out to try to make things better (shots and such are usually prescheduled and not Borics type walk-ins;-). They also finally put me in a room where there was THANK GOD a TV with Dora on it. Oh how I was ever so happy for Nickelodeon!!! The poor staff really must've thought I was a basket case (I was) and they tried very hard (to get us on our way:-)...finally nearly 3 hours after our planned MD visit time, we were heading home, I fed the boys lunch and EVERYONE laid down.

On a funny note-did you see yesterday's post? I think Owen was super cute but my sis mentioned him having this guys hair from this movie and then today (before I starting sobbing uncontrollably in front of my MD) he said, hey-Owen's hair looks like that guy from that 80's movie- HAH! How funny! Are you so singing from that movie right now?

So, you have days where you cry alot- right? At least when you were pregnant, right? Play along here-I'm apparently fragile *read unstable*.

And, do you plan funerals? I was sure that Tim had been killed in a fiery crash on his way home from his meeting as he was late-boy, would that have given me something to cry about;-(

I will repeat the shot process at noon tomorrow since it's a 2 time dose...mad fun.

What an uplifting *read whiny* update.

I really *REALY* am glad to still be growing this baby-I don't know if those who live with me are, but I am:-)


amy f. said...

I'm sorry you had such an emotionally-draining, long, difficult appointment and day. Really sounds like it was rough. We did nothing today...Alex would have loved playing with Jake (and I'd love hanging with Owen). Sounds like the baby is doing well...yay for the steroid shots.

Oh, and your description of Jacob in his meltdown and what he said during it...totally made me think of Alex.

Need to comment on your previous post...look how perfect your jell-o jigglers and your dinky doozies?? (where did you come up with that name?) look?? Quite impressive.

The Brown family said...

Sorry to hear that your having a hard time. It sucks when our emotions get the best of us. I am the same way when I am pregnant. I have I cried a few times while visiting the doctor in the last few months of being pregnant. I laugh now...I was thinking I was losing my mind then. I hate when you can't even explain why the tears are there. Ugh.