Monday, March 23, 2009

Can't sleep...

Well, in trying to lay off the sleeping pills (and actually feeling tired when I went to bed) I am now up since I can't sleep.

Thought I would go through a few things I've learned from my new couponing endeavor.

First off, I'm such a newbie...there are a million and one tips available if you search online.

So far, I have gotten a couple papers (yes, this week was dull with both ads and coupons) and I didn't even know (until late today) that the Indy paper has different/more coupons even in the same smart source insert.

Oh, let me back up a moment. What got me hooked was simply finding some awesome internet printable coupons...which did take some patience. Here are the 2 coupons from that really made me think: (you do have to load their coupon printer to get started and you do have to have your printer on/ready with paper-but it does not need to be high quality print out nor color ink).

-The first are 2 huggies for $5 off and one for $3 off. We don't even use Huggies diapers but the wipes are a great deal (most stores have them priced at $6 and $3 ish for these coupons)-I couldn't find any working links for them for you right no but I wonder if it's because I've hit my quota of print outs.

-The second one, which may seem silly was for Johnson's baby care products-again from the coupon printer -hopefully it will work for is for baby products but did not limit it to only to baby stuff, I so I got soap buddies soaps with it. I found these at Target for 97 cents each (so they are free) and I've also gotten then at Meijer for about $1.17, but another coupon prints out each time, so essentially-we will never run out;-)

I've found Meijer meal box to have some good coupons-and Meijer doubles them if they are 50 cents are less. If you find something on sale and have a coupon, you can get select items for next to nothing and the great thing is there are lots of people on the internet who have all this stuff listed out for you (each week when the ad starts). So, pick you store (Target, Kmart, Meijer, etc and you can find multiple sources who have done ALL the homework!!!). also has very limited printable grocery coupons but they have been pretty good so far.

I also found a tip about a magazine called All You which I believe is by Walmart-it was on the stand in the store for $2.49, plus 10% off ($2.24 I believe) and it had lots of GREAT coupons in it-including a free mascara coupon (up to $6.50) and many others. Again, many sites I've found even do all the leg work and tell you what is on sale where and where to get the coupon from. So, with a few weeks of patience and circular collecting, you will have all you need to really rake in some deals. Oh, and it has a coupon in it for 50 cents off your next copy;-).

The other advice I have would be to *be patient*...and organized. If the deal comes out Sunday, many smaller stores may be out of stock of the item by Monday. Rain checks are good and so is stopping back in periodically to check out the stock. I watched all week last week at Meijer for Lysol wipes...finally I got them Saturday night on the last day of the sale with my coupon. We had to go there anyway, so it was no big deal.

I also have found multiple food, etc coupons that make it more fun to go out-for instance, I signed up here and received an email for a free roast burger with drink purchase. It's valid for one per customer so Jake, me and Owen can eat at Arby's for the cost of 2 drinks and sharing a curly fry-not free but super cheap and yummy;-). If you can't stand giving out your email address, I would recommend you sign up for a yahoo email or something like that, that you check once per day and use for these deals. I had another tip from Jaime that when the Krispy Kreme Hot doughnuts now light is on, everyone who enters the store gets a free doughnut, no purchase necessary-but you all know I love a good fountain drink and they have (or did have) the best large coca cola cup ever. So, you can let the kiddos watch the doughnut maker machiney thing, sip a soda and eat a fresh hot doughnut-especially good plan for a rainy day;-)

Another cheap (or free) idea I mentioned to Tim tonight is heading over to the Menards off has a nice play area and we could grab a fountain coke on our way there (or nothing) and let the kids play while we talk. Menards also has some awesome freebies, deals, and rebates each week-so we are likely to head here soon for a "date".

Home depot has a neat free clinic (this Thursday though) for women to learn how to tile...I have no one to go with though:-) And if you sign up you get like a $10 off coupon or something-they also have kids clinics and so does Lowes...good ways to allow your kiddos experiences with tools with no expense nor mess.

I also found that has a sample page link-I haven't rec'vd any yet but I've signed up for samples of crest whitestrips, huggies, formula, and much more and I know the samples will come with coupons;-).

I found this article helpful with other links on organizing coupons...

So far, I had clipped everything because I thought maybe a sale would come up, but then I read this and it explains to keep the coupons/circular in tact and save it dated so when you find the deal and it's listed as the smart source circular from 3/21, you'll find it easily;-) Hope this makes sense.

One last thing I've done so far is if I know I am going to buy something, I just search the item online first to see if I can find a coupon for it. For example, I am supposed to make cookies for an upcoming event. But, I know that pillsbury and nestle's go on good sales sometimes, so I watched for them to go on sale and for coupons and ended up with enough packages of cookie dough to make tons of cookies for less than $5...which has to be cheaper (and easier) than making them from scratch!

Definitely try this website and follow her links if you are serious about trying this should start out slowly and pick up for you if you want to make it work-if not, no biggie;-).

I hope this random but jam packed couponing post helped some...I think it'll help me go to sleep now that it's off my chest;-)

Oh, anyone want to bring over their kiddos and help move rocks? Sounds silly, but we have some landscape rocks to move and it's supposed to be not too hot this week, so I am going to bribe my kiddos to help me;-)

One more thing, Tim found that the Indy zoo has a family membership that makes like more than one trip worth it so we are tossing that vacas for us this summer so a few trips to the zoo and butterfly gardens would be a great alternative-he also said their is a limited time only Komodo (probably spelled wrong;-) dragon exhibit...who knows-maybe we'll spend many a day at the zoo this summer (with PB&J and free cheetos from Target

So, do you have any ideas for me? I'd love to hear them;-)


It's a beautiful day! said...

I found out too, and I asked last time I was there, but target will accept one in-store and one manufacture coupon PER ITEM. The in-store coupons online say "one per transaction", but I asked and they said there policy was one per item! alot of times too they will have coupons for the items that they offer free gift cards for and I got $10 worth of gift cards last week and didn't even spend $10.00 to get them! I didn't click on all the links you had posted so you may have had these, but and usually have good coupons too!