Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pink eyes, scratches and scrapes, & bruises-oh my!

It's all of 10 minutes into the summer and we've already been to Urgent care and the Pediatrician.

First was Owen's frenulum accident.

Then TJ banged his head and has a nice blue bruise on his noggin:

You may not see it very well, but it is really quite the goose egg and bruise to start the summer.

Then there's Owen mysterious scrapes and scratches that he "got" while I was at work. No one (eh, hmmm Tim) knows how he got all scraped up but they are huge vicious scratches and are really not what I had in mind to get his pictures taken in shorts this week;-(

Lastly is my poor Jakester Bakes...he has PINK EYE...in both eyes-poor baby. He's such a trooper though and hasn't even complained once. He's on RX drops now and really hasn't missed a beat. I asked what the likelihood is that we will all get it and the MD said, how bout I write the Rx for 2 refills...yea;-)

Ok and here's an amazing comparison of TJ's school year growth (school is not out):
Left= 1st day, Right=last day

Yes, I painted the door red this fall, but if you look closely, it is the same door and TJ's height change is easy to tell in relation to the door panels...amazing!

And here's Jake's: (note, in the first picture he's not on our door mat but he still shot up quite a bit as his new school pants were already near outgrown in the fall!!! It's not as obvious as somehow, I didn't shoot Jake alone outside like I did TJ-look how much Owen has changed too!

Lastly, I think Owen is so cute in this polo shirt and it was a rare shot with me in it:


Andrea said...

Your boys are adorable and yes--growing so well! And all those injuries--You sound like my family! Look out summer!

Lindsay said...

OMGosh!! I love Owen in that little polo shirt! :) (And his mommy looks mighty beautiful.) :) And have I mentioned how adorable I think your older two boys are? Their school before and after pictures are amazing. They both really grew this year. Wow! And...I love what you did with your front door. :) It's my dream to have a bold red front door. :) I'm confident it will come to fruition one day. :)

Mari said...

I loved the pictures! I can't get over the difference in the picture from the first day of school and the end of the school year! That is a great picture of you and Owen at the end!

Destini said...

What a great idea to take pictures in the same spot at different times to see how much they have changed! Might have to start that with my kiddos.
All of your adorable boys have grown up nicely in the last year!

amy f. said...

Poor Jakey...and poor you being stuck in the house. That was me last week (and many other days the past couple of months). And Alex is still iffy, so we'll see.

The boys have really grown, that's so cool.

I can't get over Owen's mystery scratches...those are awful!!

I LOVE the last picture. You two are so cute and coordinating. You're right, it is rare to see you in a picture (same goes in my family!). Owen looks adorable in the polo shirt...between that and his cute hair style he looks so much older :-(

Hang in there! Does this mean you probably won't make it to the Rocks/H2H finale picnic tomorrow night?

Tonya said...

WoW! All three have grown so much!!! I love the door!! Looks like the color of my house! Great choice!!!!

Kim said...

Great pictures. Gosh did the boys grow or what? I love that picture of you and OWen. He is so cute. I feel so bad there have been so many calamities to start the summer, but hopefully this will be the end!